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  1. Hi, Objective: Getting a windows 10 VM with high performance that i can easily replicate. While i already had 20x vm's running smoothly on this maching using hyper-v i wanted to experiment with unraid as i see some benefits i can reap. I have been trying to work with unraid now for over a week but have come to a halt (Eat, sleep, unraid, repeat). All the simular topics seem to get offtopic so quickly that it becomes un-related. Anyhow, The VM is performing terrible. The VM and server both run smooth in regards of hardware, Everything runs <50%. The performance in noticeable in feeling, mouse is choppy, Videos lag every other x second. Stuff responds slowly. Once i boot into safe mode of windows 10 the vm performs well leaving me to think it is windows related? The VM also performs bad with VNC? Is there anything that anyone can hint me to check follow up on? The setup: