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  1. For some reason the past few days my unraid has either been so sluggish that its pretty much unresponsive or it literally has been unresponsive, I have checked the bios, Harddrive checks, partity checks, and im at a loss of what else i can check to see whats going on. I do know that when it gets this way the only way to recover is to manually restart the server. I get about 6 hours out of the server and it hits this mode every time. please someone tell me what the heck is going on home-server-diagnostics-20190518-1242.zip
  2. so for some reason last night dockers just went haywire gave the server a reboot and now all i get is this error of Unable to write to cacheDrive mounted read-only or completely full. Begin Investigation Here: Unable to write to Docker ImageDocker Image either full or corrupted. Investigate Her Neither of those really tell me how to fix it here is the log for everything home-server-diagnostics-20190516-2029.zip
  3. home-server-diagnostics-20190223-0322.zip
  4. hmm aigh il post the full log real quick and il set up some of the settings diff to make sure i get that log
  5. So i lost access to gui and had to reboot threw ssh. In fact had to do it twice in order to get it back up and running any help would be greatly helpful home-server-syslog-20190223-0307.zip
  6. I let this run for several hours on the repair and this is were it just stays at now
  7. trying to find were to get it at
  8. yea i have done the command like that didnt change anything i ran a -n after and its all still there
  9. sorry freaking out a bit here worried i just lost everything
  10. im sorry i dont get what you mean
  11. bad hash table for directory inode 52670664 (no data entry): rebuilding rebuilding directory inode 52670664 xfs_repair: phase6.c:1376: longform_dir2_rebuild: Assertion `done' failed. doesnt do anything after that
  12. this is what it keeps telling me Log for xfs.txt
  13. so i think i ran the repair but doesnt look like anything changed if i run the check again it says all the same stuff with the corruption