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  1. I had a similar problem, I installed the update and then couldn't access my server. Downgrading to 6.7.2 stable resolved the problem as that was what I was running before upgrading. After a few attempts, it seems that when the update is installed, it bonds ethernet ports together and this changed the MAC address of the server, giving it a new IP as I have DHCP set on the router. I changed the Interface Rules in the Network Settings to give each ethernet port it's own MAC address and this solved my issue. I'm not sure if network bonding is set by default and this may not be the correct way of solving the issue but it has worked for me.
  2. Thanks Johnnie, I finally managed to upgrade the BIOS using this guide: https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/updating-your-lsi-sas-controller-with-a-uefi-motherboard/131 and some of your other posts about where to get the firmware. Currently doing a parity rebuild and so far, no CRC errors. Hopefully that's everything solved and I can move on to other things. I appreciate the time you take to respond to posts, it really helps those of us new to unraid.
  3. Just to add , I've just got a replacement card too and still have the same issues. I have 3 12Tb WD Elements drives and I successfully pre-cleared them via USB with no CRC errors. As soon as I add them to the array and start using them, the CRC error count goes up. The CRC error count increases for all my disks. I've even seen it increase on one of my SSD Cache drives which is connected directly to the SATA port on the motherboard, although not to the same extent as the array drives. I've got an Asus ROG STRIX X570 GAMING E AM4 Motherboard with an AMD 3700X The card I've just swapped to is an LSI 9207-8i although if I view this card in windows it tells me it's a 9208 8i Mustang? I'm not sure what information I can give you to help resolve the problem but I've attached my diagnostics. unraid-diagnostics-20191211-1051.zip
  4. I have the same issue also. I have 3 different makes of cable and all 3 are giving the same error on both ports. I'm using WD 10Tb shucked drives with the 3rd pin mod. Could that have anything to do with the errors or is it likely the card? I got it from eBay, so I guess there's a chance it's a fake.