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  1. @itimpithat folder was created when i used my old cache pool when I restored my appdata it wanted to write there but my new cache pool have a different name unraid changed the cache drive automaticly when i went in to the share options, but in the shares tab it still wanted to go to the old drive So I had to manually chanche the cache drives from my shares, let them copy ofcourse to the new pool, and I did a restart then the error in my system log was gone, so then i removed the folder and contents in terminal did a restart, and everythink is working fine now
  2. I think I've fixed it I removed the cache folder in terminal, since my cache pools now have another name and the error is gone tnx for the help @Squid, got me in the right direction
  3. I removed the pool and made a new one actually 2 new pools so is there any way to make sure everything is using the new pool? I do see the appdata folder on the new pool
  4. Hi Everyone I'm getting this error after replacing my cache drives and restoring appdata on them Invalid folder cache contained within /mnt when i go to the system log I see this error every second emhttpd: *** bug: 5286 /mnt/user/Cloud cache (cloud is probably my nextcloud instance) any idea how to fix this?
  5. So far so good tnx for the help!
  6. will do the changes and see again
  7. it took a while but here it is
  8. hi everybody I've got this issue for a while now my unraid runs fine for some days (+-7 days), sometime weeks, and then always between 3 and 5 o clock it's like it's losing write permissions I can still acces unraid, I can still acces my shares but I cant writ to them anymore also the docker containers lost their write permissions (nextcloud, plex, unifi) When I reboot the problem is solved for about 7 days Any idea how to resolve this Tnx
  9. I'm new using unraid and have some questions regarding write speeds. We are migrating to a new server and I tought of using unraid (now win server 2012) but on my test unraid server I don't get speeds up to 400MB/s only around 100MB/s Something I should have because thats the speed we have to the server now (10G nic in both servers and workstations and 3G backplane in old server vs 6G backplane in new) Using the same type of drives, same nic only newer hardware We do have a RAMcache on the old server but I dont find how I could do it in unraid any advice? Thanks