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  1. Sure enough, parity check finished. 0 errors. And that's after I put in 2 Evo 860 1TBs in a cache pool. So I don't have any real root cause, other than my Asus x470 ROG Strix didn't like the HP NVMe 1TB.
  2. good point, by the time it crashed yesterday, I had no way to get in to retrieve them. parity almost done. my next steps are: finish parity put in traditional sata ssd for cache (none atm, the NVMe was my cache)...hurry up amazon move domains/appdata/system to cache run new parity, pray for 0 errors i think if i get thru all that then can safely say it was the NVMe...no crashes since taking out the NVMe.
  3. I am hoping that is the case. I am doing parity check now and it has sync errors, but had so many crashed that I think that is expected. I'll run a 2nd one after and if it's 0 and no crashed as I let Plex do a brand new scan, then it was the nvme My logs look clean right?
  4. i remember seeing lots of BTRFS messages when unraid would crash on the screen i have on the side plugged into my unraid box. the HP NVME is the only new drive from a recent hardware (mobo/cpu/ram) upgrade. Taking it out now.
  5. no, but reducing it now since i killed the docker.img anyways to turn off auto-start on containers.
  6. server has been crashing non stop - at one point, accessing the plex cache folders and others in that appdata/plex/config was hanging up the system. I couldnt kill that folder (was on cache drive, the nvme), but MC moved everything but those and recreated docker pulls and stood the VMs back up (moved those too). formatted the drive (set to xfs then back to brtfs) and started loading everything up again. I could swear it was just those folders in plex cache that was hanging it all up, since the other files moved fine. was going well until this morning (plex was doing its mass cataloging) and it died in similar fashion flash drive was recreated just in case, so fresh install. took out 2nd video card too. attached diagnostic, not really sure what I am looking for. silva-nas-diagnostics-20190318-1044.zip