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  1. When I try to convert it to RAID0, it just reverts back to Balance.
  2. So even though it says I have a cache pool, It will only write to the smaller one? Should I disable the smaller one so it uses my 1TB drive?
  3. I'm totally confused...the more I research the problem the more confused I get! I have 2 ssd cache drives. one is 1TB the other is 250GB. My cache device says I only have 625GB with 249 used and 0 free. When I invoke the mover nothing seems to work. My Sanbnzbd keeps pausing because it says my drive is full. I'm hopelessly stuck...Thanks for any help!
  4. Got it done...thanks for all your help! It only took me a couple of years to get rid of it.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, I did find the advanced.buttons.plg but how do I delete it from my flash drive? Do I have to spin down the drives in order to delete the file? Sorry to be so stupid, but there is so much I don't understand about Unraid...must be my age at 73 there is so much I can't seem to figure out on my own.
  6. I can't find " Either way, you solution is to delete /config/plugins/advanced.buttons.plg from the flash drive and then reboot the server" this on my flash drive. Any suggestions?
  7. I totally don’t understand this. I’m getting the same message on my 2TB drive. It was my parity drive that I replaced with a larger drive. I ran preclear on the drive without any errors, but it said it was unmountable due to no file system. I ran an extended smart test which passed. I don't understand what to do now.
  8. Thanks tdallen, I really appreciate the info!
  9. Good stuff...Thanks. I just ordered the 9201. Do I need an SAS to SATA breakout cable or will it accommodate regular SATA cables?
  10. [SOLVED]. Does anyone have a recommendation on a SATA board, either 4 or 8 port that is plug and play with 6.X?
  11. How do I go about saying my problem is solved?
  12. Johnnie, I took my server down to check my cables and when I powered it up, both of my cache drives came up..so all is good. I guess I should have rebooted it after I ran preclear on my new parity drive. Live and learn...Again thanks for the help! I did learn a lot from the experience.