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  1. Thanks for a great plugin. I have a question though. Would it be possible to add an image for daily/monthly usage as well? Like this one for daily: And this for monthly:
  2. Any chance of having a Unifi Protect docker added to the Community application plugin now that the the amd64 .deb has been released? https://apt.ubnt.com/pool/beta/u/unifi-protect/unifi-protect.jessie~stretch~xenial~bionic_amd64.v1.12.5.deb That would be just awesome. Currently running it in a VM, but would love to use it as a Docker instance instead.
  3. Found out about unRAID when I searched for a replacement to my old NAS a few months ago and have never looked back. I have two licenses myself, and just bought a new one for my friends server that we installed yesterday. I love how easy everything works, and the Docker support is great. Cheers!
  4. Smooth update from 6.7.1 here. Thanks!