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  1. That is my goal with either Plex or switch to Emby.
  2. isvein, Did you end up getting the i5-9400? Thinking about it as well and waiting for the updated kernel to come around. I direct stream my plex server for now but have plans to remote stream in the future. Why not go for the extra cores at the same price as the 8350k? I don't plan to do more that 2-3 streams at a time with lidarr sonarr, and radarr dockers with plex or move to emby.
  3. Did you build your system yet? If so, how is it working out? I have similar goals. Probably no more than 2 streams remotely, 1 direct play and a few dockers. No VM's. I have an FX-8350 in my current but no graphics card installed. Be nice to have something a little more efficient and offload the transcoding to from the CPU.
  4. ASRock Pro 3 FX6200 16GB (4x4) DDR3 1066 G.Skill Ripjaws Seidon 120 liquid cooler with Noctura fan (not pictured) Supermicro AOC-SASLP PCI Express 4x RAID Controller w/cables PM me with offers.
  5. I saw that. I need a to do a lot of research on dockers. Going to track down my Win7 and play with a VM and Blue Iris. Here are the cameras I was looking at for the outside: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16881183057 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4JF1TC8195
  6. I've been playing around with unRAID for a few years and now its time to add features and put it to better use and less heat. I've been using it as a NAS for ripping movies/music for XBMC/Kodi. Not much talk on the forums other than the dated aptalca's repos. I'll be going from an AMD X4 620 and 2 GB RAM to a Q6600 with 8 GB. Thinking of installing a Linux VM and Zoneminder for IP cameras. Seems to be the most economical route. I don't want to pay the ala cart for cloud storage as well as the security issues. Apps for Android are getting pretty good reviews. Thoughts? Off topic, from my research, I'm looking at a DIY install of a Honeywell Lynx L7000. Self monitoring is about $10/mo. A little more for the Total Connect 2.0. Companies like Scout and the like are almost as bad as an ala cart monitoring company and the window/door sensors are HUGE! I've come to the conclusion that an all-in-one app/software package is not a reality. I use Roomie Remote (now simple control) for most everything else. They just don't have home security system included yet.
  7. Much appreciated. After a more extensive search, kind of figured that may be the issue.
  8. This is just the vanilla 5.0 just to see if it would boot as recommended by garycase in another post to ensure its not a plug-in issue. Once I can get everything OK, I'll copy over my config file. I'm waiting to run a wired network once the weather cools down because the attic is hotter than a 1000 hells here in FL. Right now, I have my PC connected to my server through a switch. PC is wireless to the router. I'm obviously new to the network game, but from my best friend, google, would it be because there is nothing to assign a DHCP (or whatever the proper terminology is) or am I way off in my understanding? All I get is a MAC address when I run the ifconfig. If so, why would it not work after pasting my config file with network settings into the vanilla 5.0? My guess is it is a network issue and need to stick with my working RC until I can run my cat5e. Or manually set an IP address. 2013SEP13_1200.txt
  9. Cant seem to find any solutions posted. I've been trying to upgrade to 5.0 from RC11 with no luck. I've tried all the methods recommended to upgrade with the proper procedures. I've gone back to RC11 and all is fine, so for now, that is where I'll stay. It looks like it boots OK with the monitor and keyboard attached but I can not find it on my network. No suggestions seem to work with regarding certificates, ect. Could it be a driver issue with the onboard Realtek LAN port and 5.0 final?
  10. Hmm....I've tried every method of upgrading recommended from RC11 with no luck (format thumb drive, load 5.0, and paste config folder; copy/paste bzimage and bzroot to RC11) No luck. I see the boot screen and starts to boot but all I get is continuous HDD activity after that so I reverted back to RC11 and run a parity check. Have not tried safe mode yet. I'll also remove my cache drive. I think it's on the way out. It's green balled but has an issue formatting. After it formats, the status states it but after a reboot, it is not. I'm not a heavy enough user to use a cache anyway. Any tips if those methods don't work?
  11. Really? Perhaps I can gather enough like-minded users and make a class action suit against Limetech. We are customers, and we did paid good money. I think we have a reasonable case, and if nothing else, he IS obliged to defend against his accusers in a court of law. How does that sound? This is only my 3rd or 4th post since joining this forum, but this is getting ridiculous! On what grounds? The only official release is 4.7. Bugs or not, that is what you paid for. Any extra releases, betas or RC's are, i think someone else said it, gravy! Until there is an official release, 4.7 is what you paid for! If you do not like the product or think there is a better one that suites you, go away! It is obvious that you like the product though cause you stick around! Either that or a troll!
  12. Thanks for the input guys. This will all be DIY during a remodel. I don't plan to spend 10's of thousands. I might get a cheap android tablet and play around. I found a site that sells them with ICS for under $100. I have an ipod touch and can use that to evaluate which apps I like and work the best for me and how well I can build macros.
  13. I've been reading a little on tablets and the pros/cons between iPad and Android devices. I'll be moving back to FL once I retire next year and buying a house that I plan to remodel and since I'll be tearing out everything, may as well rewire for data/sound. I'm also researching home automation and whole home AV distribution. I guess my question is the difference between tablets 6 of one, half dozen of another? I'll be using the tablet as a universal remote for the whole house, media library browser, ect. Looks like there are plenty of remote apps available for both. I plan to use XBMC as the front end for my media. There are not a whole lot (if any) of apps for automation for unRAID so I'll most likely just use it as a server and back-up stoarge for the PC's and Macs around the house. Still new to unRAID and learning. Just glad I got rid of WHSv1! Nothing fancy or to mess with. It just works!
  14. Ouch. I knew I should have called in sick!
  15. Evening All, New to the forum, first post. Might as well make it useful... $129 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Seagate+-+Barracuda+2TB+Internal+Serial+ATA+Hard+Drive+for+Desktops/9419382.p?id=1218102739460&skuId=9419382 I'm still assembling parts to build my first system to convert from WHS v.1. HDD prices are crazy but these seem popular here and at the moment, reasonably priced.