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  1. Thanks Johnnie appreciate the response. PS: Which LSI controller is most recommended?
  2. Opps - TY - Done : ) tower-diagnostics-20200707-2251.zip
  3. Hi All, Had a couple of disks show errors - but not sure how bad these are and what disks I should perhaps be replacing? Appreciate any advice that can be provided. Cheers Ed tower-syslog-20200707-0955.zip
  4. So - I have started converting my drives from RFS --> XFS as I was getting I/O errors. (Still need to do this for the 3x 8TB drives.) So it was a long process - lots of files moved on and off several HDD's. Did parity rebuild after this - and got a few errors - OK quite a few, at 605 million or so. And then 2 drives went MIA. (Disk 5 and 6) So shutdown and restart - and both HDD's are back - but I worry they will shit themselves proper soon - and 2 at the same time = BAD. So looking for advice please on what I should do next. TIA. Notes: 1. I have an old 4TB I could swap in and a new 8TB has just arrived as well. 2. Log attached. tower-diagnostics-20190412-2048.zip
  5. Can close this thread out - as the reformat from RFS to XFS did the trick. Thanks to all for the advice.
  6. Hi There, Thanks for response - yeah i did wonder as that's was the issue a year or more ago - this is a challenge though as I have no empty slots and most of my disks are pretty full. So would it be possible to: Turn parity off by un-assigning parity disk (!! See Below). Move content off MD2 to my windows machine. Covert MD2 to XFS . Move content back. Turn parity disk back on? And the I can start moving content around other disks on the array to free a slot up - and install a new larger drive formatted as XFS - so I can then progressively move data/reformat disks as XFS. I appreciate the array would be un-protected while I did steps 1 - 5, but I am not sure I have much choice : / Would my approach result in Parity getting messed up? Or is there another/better way of doing this? TIA. Ed
  7. So...an update: Did filesystem checks on all 11 drives - which found errors on several drives. Some of which unRAID sorted itself and 4 or so drives required -fix fixable to be ran. And woo hoo!! - I was able to copy to my unRAID server again. Well I did one file. And now its giving me I/O error again. Oh dear.....would appreciate further suggestions tower-diagnostics-20190401-2334.zip
  8. Sorry - just reread post above - so i ran it with --fix-fixable - and as advised the corruptions are gone. Should I have also run it with the no-modify (the -n option) removed will fix the problem. and what would the input look like? Sorry if my questions are a bit noob - have had my unRAID for several years now - but as a testament to its robustness have rarely had issues to resolve...so my knowledge is somewhat limited
  9. Bugger.....no data loss as far as i can tell but still can't drag and drop? Any other ideas? I do note that a couple of other disks have errors reported.... Will run Smart Tests on these and report back. But if anyone has any ideas based on the log that would be appreciated as well.
  10. Thanks for the reply - have now - report: reiserfsck 3.6.27 Will read-only check consistency of the filesystem on /dev/md2 Will put log info to 'stdout' ########### reiserfsck --check started at Sun Mar 31 19:21:40 2019 ########### Replaying journal: Replaying journal: Done. Reiserfs journal '/dev/md2' in blocks [18..8211]: 0 transactions replayed Checking internal tree.. finished Comparing bitmaps.. Checking Semantic tree: finished 4 found corruptions can be fixed when running with --fix-fixable ########### reiserfsck finished at Sun Mar 31 19:33:52 2019 ########### vpf-10640: The on-disk and the correct bitmaps differs. vpf-10670: The file [23604 23605] has the wrong size in the StatData (0), should be (4096) vpf-10680: The file [23604 23605] has the wrong block count in the StatData (8), should be (0) ........................... Look forward to further advice Thanks
  11. Hi There, I cannot drag and drop files from my windows machine to unRAID anymore. I suspect it might be the replacement drive Disk 2 - which I replaced with with a 3 --> 8TB recently. (As I can still copy to other Disks) I had something similar a couple of years and it required moving content off the disk with a corrupt RFS filesystem and reformatting from RFS --> XFS AND then moving content back. (Note: Most disks are very full - so would appreciate advice on how to do this as well please (incl option of moving content temporarily to my windows machine) - assuming that is the problem/solution) Would really appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance. Cheers Ed PS: Log attached. tower-diagnostics-20190331-0927.zip