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  1. That procedure worked, I'm rebuilding Parity1 now with a 4TB and when that is done and stable I'll swap in another 4TB drive for Parity2. Thanks!
  2. I feel like this is answered somewhere but my google-fu is lacking and I can't find the answer. I have 2 , 2TB parity drives in my unraid. Parity1 has started tossing SMART errors so I'm going to replace it. I have a 4TB drive I can replace it with. The process I was going to try is stop the array remove parity1 from the assignments. power off replace parity1 with a 4TB drive power on assign the 4TB drive as parity (at this stage I will have a 2TB and a 4TB parity drive, will that work?) let the parity rebuild eventually replace the other 2TB drive with a 4TB drive. Does that seem sane? Do I need to do anything special for replacing a failed parity drive vs a data drive? Thanks and sincerely sorry if this is answered somewhere already.
  3. sorry I meant vfio-pci.ids which I had read was the preferred way to pass PCI devices to KVM
  4. I'm still unable to get mine to find a USB root hub in the VMs. did you do anything outside of stubbing the device? I assume you just did the pci-id.vfio stubbing?
  5. They are electrical extenders, so they don't do the KVM/IP conversion that introduces lag. The USB ports are fully normal USB 2.0 ports. I plug a hub into them and am on my way
  6. I would love to hear if you manage to get the vantec to work. It looks like such a great card and right now it's just sitting in my junk drawer.
  7. I'm forever trying to shrink the amount of hardware that I have to support in our house and trying to reduce our power consumption, so when I found unraid I was pretty stoked. My final build supports 3 KVM VMs with their own USB controllers and video cards 2 VNC based VMs 6 docker containers including duplicati, unifi and plex photo and file storage For hardware I'm using Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO-CF ($175) Intel i7-8700 ($315) 4 x Corsair Vengeances DDR4-2666 16GB Dimms ($450) 4 x Seagate FireCuda 2TB ($400 total) 2 x Inland 1TB NVME x4 SSD ($270 total) 1 x GTX 1050 ($150) 1 x GTX 1060 ($200) 1 x 710 GT ($50) 1 x RocketU 1144D 4 host USB controller ($95) 1 x coolermaster LAN Box case ($100) 1 x Corsair Hydro H100i Pro ($120) 1 x Corsair RM850x powersupply ($120) 3 x Monoprice HDMI and USB KVM Extender ($450 total) 1 x Vantec 2.5 inch drive caddy ($50) For a total cost of $2945 (oh god, I should not have added that all up) Fortunately, majority of the gear I pulled out of systems that unraid replaced, so my actual new cost was $985 What this replaced QNAP NAS Shop computer capable of running Fusion360 and controlling a CNC Other shop computer used for mostly streaming videos and occasionally slicing 3d printer STL files Gaming computer for my daughter ESXi host running unifi and duplicati NUC running plex That brings my per machine cost to $490 if I had to claim it on insurance for new replacement or $165 based on new purchases. This of course doesn't include all the VMs that I ran on the ESX host and now run on Unraid. The array is setup with a 1TB NVME storage pool for cache and 6 TB of usable spinning storage using the firecuda drives. Each of the VMs with a video card is also attached to a single USB port and then to the USB/HDMI extender allowing me to use a single CAT5e cable to extend a 1080p/60hz desktop within 100feet of the server. No more fans sucking in sawdust or CNC chips in the shop! The gaming rig (3 CPU, 1060GTX) benchmarks in 3dmark like an i5 with a 1050GTX which isn't bad at all. Duplicati sends everything important offsite and to an attached USB drive every night and once a week all of the media we own is copied to a USB drive. What's really cool though is that, under full load with everything pegged running benchmark utilities etc, I burn right around 650w of power at the UPS and only 180w at idle.
  8. Hey gang, I just wanted to toss a few notes on here on what I finally got to work for my VM setup. I use KVM machines for A gaming rig (Win 10, 3 cpu, 16gb of RAM, 1060GTX, usb sound card) A shop machine that also runs my CNC in my garage (Win 10, 3 cpu, 16gb of RAM, 1050GTX, usb sound card) A shop machine that is just for netflix and stuff for the shop in my basement (Win 10, 2 cpu, 8gb of RAM, 710GT, usb sound card) various VNC vms and docker containers All of the VMs have a single USB port assigned to them using a Highpoint RocketU 1144D. The VMs are connected to a Monoprice HDMI and USB KVM Extender that allows me to have the keyboard, mouse and soundcard up to 100 feet away at 1080p/60hz . This has been a huge deal for my shop as it allows me to have a powerful enough machine to run Fusion360 and do some on demand CAD work with no moving parts or fans to suck up metal bits and saw dust. The gaming rig is my daughters and benchmarks like an i5 with a 1050 according to 3dmark, so fairly respectable. The biggest challenge was finding a USB card that would work (I have a drawer of 4 port cards that don't work now) and making sure I have enough cooling in my case to support 3 video cards. here are the quad cards that DON'T work Vantec Quad Chip 4-Port Dedicated Vantec UGT-PCE430-2C StarTech.com 4 Port PCI Express StarTech USB 3.1 PCI-e Card – 4 Port – 4X USB-A
  9. I was never able to get that one to work, so I went on a spree lately and bought all of the mutlicontroller cards I could find that aren't the sonet. The only card I found that works is https://www.amazon.com/High-Point-PCI-Express-RocketU-1144D/dp/B015CQ8DCS/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=highpoint+usb&qid=1554312606&s=electronics&sr=1-1 which shows up as 4 asmedia controllers and works a treat.
  10. (Sorry, I think I put this in the wrong sub) Hey gang, just wanted to share. I've been on the hunt for a 4 port USB card that works for VM passthru and isn't the sonet card and finally found the RocketU 1144D https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015CQ8DCS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It shows up as 4 ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1042A and works great in 6.7 -rc6