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  1. The card itself is fine, unfortunately it doesn't support NVME with the cables, it requires a backplane with come circuitry. I have been using 2x SAS 12Gbps Seagate ssd's for cache drives, and it's been just fine.
  2. It's got a software switch to change it to "JBOD Mode". Plus I got it for free from a machine that was getting scrapped, so it's the card I have haha.
  3. Hi all! I got my hands on a LSI Megaraid 9460-16i card recently, and it supports 1xNVME/4xSAS/4xSATA on each of its 4x SFF-8643 connectors. I was thinking of using a pair of NVME disks for a mirror cache pool, and using the remaining 8x SAS/SATA connections for my storage pool, like what's shown in the picture but with SATA disks. Is there any reason this would give me issues? I have never used NVME before, and know SSD's are not recommended for the storage pool disks. Thanks!
  4. I'm decommissioning a few servers from work this week, and one has an Adaptec HBA 1000 8i8e SAS/SATA card installed. I would really like to install it into my Unraid server and move all my drives onto that card instead of routing through the integrated SATA controller. Has anybody run into any compatibility caveats with that specific card, or moving the drives from one controller to another? I don't imagine I will run into any issues since the card uses a standard aacraid driver, but I wanted to cast a net and see what you all have to say. Thanks! EDIT: Oops, I did not see that there is a separate section for controllers. Please ignore this post!
  5. Eh, I just deleted and re-added the share to fix it. Like I said, it's pretty much just a temp holder for autodownloaders anyways. Thanks for looking into it.
  6. It's always been Cache: No. I just made this server a week ago. I do have folders under the share mapped to some docker apps, but they all access it through "/mnt/user/Filedrop/nzb/complete". "complete" is the only folder on cache.
  7. This is kind of strange, I have a general purpose share called "Filedrop" that I use as a utility placeholder, mostly for things like auto-downloader storage, or other things which don't really fit into the other user shares. I was checking the shares tab today and noticed that it had more free space available than all other shares, and it also had a triangle that said "SOME OR ALL FILES UNPROTECTED" Sure enough, a single empty folder on the share has location listed as "Cache, Disk 1,2" What's the deal here? The share has "Use cache disk" set to "No", so how is this possible, and how do I correct the problem?
  8. Nevermind, I got it. Problem was I was entering "downloads", not "/downloads" so it would just make a folder named downloads under the sickrage config folder instead of using the one named by the docker setup.
  9. OK, final question (for now!). When I had this all set up on an earlier machine, I had a SABtosickbeard.py script. Is that script no longer necessary?
  10. I'm having some trouble setting up post processing, I believe related to mapping the downloads folder. I apologize all the questions recently, but this week is my first time using docker instead of running these as standalone applications. Sickrage searches my provider, grabs an nzb, tells sab to download it, sab puts it in the complete directory, and then sickrage just kind of sits there scratching its head going "Well I snatched it, what more do you want?" I got this error in the log: 2015-10-31 12:33:02 POSTPROCESSER :: Automatic post-processing attempted but dir doesn't exist This is how I have it mapped in the Unraid docker menu: sabnzbd /downloads --> /mnt/user/Filedrop/nzb/complete sickrage /downloads --> /mnt/user/Filedrop/nzb/complete Attached is what my post-processing screen looks like on the web interface for sickrage. What am I missing here?
  11. Alright, I figured it out. Docker never deleted the files from the original install. Once I cleared those out of my appdata folder, then reinstalled the container, everything came up the way I expected it to. Thanks for your help guys!
  12. Hey, just installed this container and I am getting a problem where the application starts (Successfully?), then throws up this log message, and the application stops running. Success! Everything compiled successfully. Copying final .jar files now. Copying craftbukkit-1.8.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar to /tmp/. - Saved as craftbukkit-1.8.8.jar Copying spigot-1.8.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar to /tmp/. - Saved as spigot-1.8.8.jar I tried deleting the application and remaking it just in case something downloaded incorrectly, but I get the same error message. Any ideas?