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  1. I updated my Asus ROG STRIX X370-F bios that previously had this issue and forced me to run a bios from 2018. Win10 VM with gpu passthrough running issue free on 6.9.1.
  2. I have an asus rog strix x370-F gaming, ryzen 5 2600X running with bios 4009. I have a 1060 passed through to a win10 VM. Higher bios versions i tried break the pass through for me.
  3. I also wanted to say thank you for this thread. I just built a Ryzen 5 2600X with an Asus ROG STRIX X370-F setup. Wasted a few hours defeated by the stuck in D3 issue. I rolled back the bios to an early version (4009) and windows VM works with GPU passthrough (gtx 1060).