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  1. Hello, When is there going to be a builtin internal network function? I am thinking to buy a rack server and virtualise PfSense in it but i also want to create internal networks from pfsense to other vms and docker services.
  2. Hello, I have an older laptop running Unraid and it works good. Now i have created a vlan in my unifi switch that switches the internet directly from my modem. If i add the vlan in unraid it works. Unraid gets an ip and i can even bridge it to a docker container. But if i create a vm it doesnt get an ip from my ISP DHCP. I cant configure a static ip because my isp has blocked that. The network adaptor on the vm works but only if i have it connected to my router. Can anyone help me please for getting it to work with an external ip. I know that i can use 16 ips and if i connect my pc to my modem it works.
  3. Ok, Thank you. Now i need only need to know if UnRaid will work fine with my planned server.
  4. Ok, but can i format the Usb stick and Reinstall UnRaid with that same license on the usb stick?
  5. Hello, I am thinking and i am saving for buying a new server. Right now i am using a old laptop with 12 gb as XenServer (Virtualisation Server). I also will install unraid on that future planned server. But i would like to install UnRaid now on the old laptop. If i buy an UnRaid License and i use it on the laptop, can i after i bought the server and stop the laptop just use the UnRaid License without problems on the new server? Also: Will UnRaid support the specs of my planned server and run very smoothly and can i virtualise pfsense on it? Specs: Server Name: Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF Processors: 2x Quad Core Xeon X5550 / 2.66GHz/ 95W Ram: 96GB 10600R 1333MHz / 12x 8GB DDR3 + € 220,00 Raid Controller: LSI 9207-8i 6G SAS/SATA JBOD DRAC: No Network Expansion Card: HP NC365T Quad Port ( 4x 1GB RJ45 ) Power: 2x 570W Hard Disks: 4x 600GB HGST Ultrastar 15K SAS 12G (nieuw) + Caddy + € 300,00 Thank you for your trouble. Kind Regards, Kuno Claes