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  1. Okay thanks guys, the report confused me a little with that stuff but it makes sense now.
  2. Okay thanks, I was concerned that the SMART tests were failing but if you think its fine I will roll with that. I guess preclear passing fine is a good sign though hey.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I formatted one of the drives with no protection like in the post but it still does the same thing, just without that line in the SMART report. I have attached the new report. ST4000NM0034_X_Z4F0CZ7S0000R604R1VM_35000c5008462f423-20190512-1707.txt
  4. Hi guys, I've been running two shucked 8TB WD drives fine for a little while and I added two 4TB Lenovo (relabeled Seagates) SAS drives and they both fail either sort of SMART test immediately with the message "Errors occurred - Check SMART report" No idea why this is happening, I've attached one of the reports but I can't see anything wrong with it? Both drives passed a full preclear but I am wary of using them in the array now. Any ideas? ST4000NM0034_X_Z4F0CYYJ0000R604R0FD_35000c5008463026b-20190510-1636.txt
  5. So I've had it running a few days now, I removed the second CPU and have just been running the one CPU. So as far as I see it it is likely to be either the CPU or the socket, which should be easy to test when I can be bothered. Thanks for the assistance guys! I am also having an issue where my second hand SAS drives fail SMART as soon as I start the test, but I'll probably make another thread for that.
  6. So it's passed 4 passes of memtest, which took about 50 hours. However reading a few other threads about I still think it might be my RAM so I am gonna try running one stick on each PC at a time, through all permutations if required to see if is stable with any of them. Any other suggestions on things to try?
  7. I ran about 8 hours not too long ago but I will do an extended memtest starting tonight, how long do you recommend?
  8. Hey guys, this time when it froze it didn't even display an error message on the screen - its seemingly fine when you look at the monitor but its still frozen. Any ideas for what to do next? FCPsyslog_tail.txt tower-diagnostics-20190428-0037.zip
  9. Okay thanks - I shut down the server and when I plugged it in again windows didn't show this message - so I assume its just some file that gets corrupt if I don't shut it down properly (like when it freezes). I have copied the five files starting with bz across to the thumb drive and will try again - still logging as above.
  10. Okay so it froze again - fairly quickly this time and I took a photo of the screen: I also see this when plugging my unraid flash drive into my windows PC to get logs but I am not sure if its just windows being silly (I always choose continue without scanning just in case) : EDIT: I also noticed these errors in the IPMI System Log, not sure if at all related and these have never happened before on previous freezes (Fans also seem to be spinning fine now, despite error):
  11. Hey - Thanks for your reply - I will do just that and post the results, might take some time.
  12. Hey, I have been having issues where every day (or more often) unraid seems to become unresponsive and I can't access it via IP and if I plug a keyboard in all the lights (caps lock, etc) light up and typing does nothing. The screen I have plugged in for troubleshooting still shows the writing cursor flashing as if its ready for input. My IPMI login doesn't show anything significant in the logs. Specs: Dual Xeon 2670 Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 64GB Samsung ECC RAM Crucial BX100 250GB SSD for Cache WD Elements shucked 8tb - only running one (no parity) for now cause