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  1. I'm going to go ahead and run a trial of it on another system over the weekend, to see how it goes and if I like it. Mainly, it will be to replace my existing Debian media environment (I'm also looking to start using a few Docker containers instead of how I have everything configured now). Currently just running a couple debian servers with all of my various media applications and Plex. Ideally, I'd like to decommission my VM environment also, but I'll have to build a little beefier system if I want to do that too (just trying to consolidate my environment as much as I can). 🙂
  2. Hopefully this is an easy question. 🙂 I've been running a number of linux systems at home for many years to handle all of my needs and was getting ready to rebuild everything but ran across UnRaid in some of my research - so I started looking into it. It looks interesting to me, so I'm thinking about going in that direction instead and was wondering if it would run sufficiently on any of the Mini-PC type systems (Intel NUC, Zotac ZBOX, etc..)? To cut down on heat and power, I built a zbox running debian as a test a year or so ago, and it has actually worked really well - so I'm about to decommission my servers and move everything over to something similar (with as much memory, etc... as I can load into it) if it would work. Just wanted to see if anyone has used UnRaid in a similar environment.. Thanks, I appreciate any input you might have! JM