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  1. I found this looking around, I havn't tried the drive but I bet some of you have.. anyways it seems like a great deal SanDisk 16GB 2.0 Flash Cruzer Glide USB Drive (SDCZ60-016G-B35) List Price:$16.60 Price:$4.99 You Save:$11.61 (70%)
  2. It works perfectly fine using a 2.0 port instead of 3.0, so I'll clone my flash drive straight away in case it doesn't last forever
  3. Ok I'll do that, thanks I'm pretty sure the one I'm using is usb 2.0 it's like 10-years-old
  4. What should be my next step? Format the drive, run some secret sauce software that fixes things or just get another drive?
  5. I'm using a 3.0 input as it has two in front, is that the reason why it has failed? 😮
  6. Here is the diag nas-diagnostics-20190512-0435.zip
  7. But doesn't the drive load everything into memory? and therefore it doesn't actually do anyone after I booted or did I get that wrong
  8. Hey I have no idea what happened, I havn't used my nas for a few days and it has been running 24 7. I'm the type of person with way too many browser tabs open all the time and wanted to see something on the nas, and the gui was still running. However it said that I had some system noticfications disabled, so I clicked on the link and enabled it and hit apply, then I did something and it was disabled again, I thought that was odd and maybe I had clicked reset, so I tried again with same result. So I went and turned off the disks in the "main" tab when it was done with that my disks were not assigned which also seems a bit odd, but no big deal I could just assign them again, so I did. Now the "start" button is grayed out and there is a message saying, "Invalid, missing or expired registration key." which also seems a bit odd since I'm running the trial version and I believe that's a 30 day period or so, and I have been using it for 9 days more or less. But in the "Invalid, missing or expired registration key." you can click on registration key and you get taken to the "tools" tab and if you look at the screenshot it says the key is missing or corrupted, I'm a bit confused and don't really want to buy a key after trying a trial for 9 days that then corrupt the key or loses it, it seems a bit like saying, yes please sell me something that doesn't work for me But really I have no done anything up/download on the server in the days prior and it has been on all the time, so I really don't understand what has gone wrong here. Also I read that you can get your key from customer support but only once a year or something, and I don't want to do that after 9 days One last thing, I want to attach a log file but how do I get it now that I can't even start the drives anymore?
  9. Oh thanks then it actually makes no sense why anyone would want a "fast" flash drive. Maybe I'm confusing Unraid with Freenas or something. Thanks for helping clearing this up for me.
  10. Is it possible to use one of my ssd's instead of a flash drive? I don't really have flash drives but many ssd's also I know what speed they are instead of having to buy a "really expensive" flash drive just for unraid, since I have the ssd's just lying around. Edit: I want to add that I did search on "ssd" before posting this, and it netted zero results.
  11. I read somewhere that you might want to switch usb drive for a faster one if you just slapped unraid on an old one you had on hand, but what is a fast usb drive? Edit: It seems that no matter which drive a search for on amazon half the comments are; "slow slow slow" -.-
  12. That's 130'ish USD, there is no way that's a 8 TB high reliability drive, right? Personally I never had any drive fail on me, the most dramatic thing I have seen was my diablo 2 CD shatter inside my optical drive.
  13. I thought external drives were like buying a prebuild pc at Wallmart, a bad deal compared to buying components. 50-100$ per drive is quite nice! Also if the higher capacity drives are actually faster then it's a no brainer, since you get more capacity per dollar with larger drives. Personally I just want to have somewhere to dumb raw video I use for youtube, so I don't really need that much storage yet. However in my use case large drives are perfect considering I just need to expand every now and then
  14. Oh just thinking about what ssd I have in the NAS right now, it might be m.2, could that be making problems? as I don't know what hardware is recommended with Unraid