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  1. Someone recently added this to CA, so its now a one click install. They've got a support thread here:
  2. You'll edit your proxies .yml file and point it toward your Tor container. Here's how they explain it on their github page.
  3. Of course no sooner than I hit reply on that message I found an addon that allows you to add custom search engines. Head over to the firefox addons and have a look for: "Add custom search engine by Tom Schuster" I can't speak for the security of this addon, as I've not looked into it. But it does have a pretty good review collection.
  4. So looking into this there appears to be at least one addon that redirects you to someone else's Searx engine. I'm pretty sure this is the only way to go if you want it to be a one-click or default search engine. I personally wouldn't do this as it really defeats the point of hosting your own engine. I do however set my hosted Searx engine to my home page. So upon launching a new browser it does come up ready for query. Hope that helps. There might be a way to do what you are asking, but I suspect we'll both need to dig a little deeper to find a way.
  5. Not yet, I generally do not access my system outside of my local network. I suspect this wouldn't be difficult to set up though.
  6. Thanks! I may do exactly that. But I'm sure there's still plenty of reading I haven't done yet so I'll inquire if I have trouble.
  7. Greetings, I'm still trying to figure out how to author my own CA apps. But for now here's an easy setup that I'm pretty sure a number of you will appreciate. Searx, is a self hostable meta search engine with a focus on privacy and complete control. Here's their description from the site: "Searx is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled. Additionally, searx can be used over Tor for online anonymity." Features: (Also pilfered from their site) Self hosted No user tracking No user profiling About 70 supported search engines Easy integration with any search engine Cookies are not used by default Secure, encrypted connections (HTTPS/SSL) Hosted by organizations, such as La Quadrature du Net, which promote digital rights Links: Homepage: List of publicly hosted engines: Wiki: Source Code: Twitter Account: Ok, Now down to the setup You'll need to "Enable additional search results from dockerhub" (fig.01) Head on over to the community apps tab and search for "searx" Next click the text "Click Here To Get More Results from DockerHub" There's a number of results. We'll want to choose the actual author of the build. So look for the result below: In the setup we'll want to assign a verify the host adapter is set to "Bridge" We'll need a port to access it by so click "Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device" and select "Port" from the drop down I've named it: Web UI set the Container Port to 8080 (this is the port searx listens to by default) I set the Host port to "8843" (any unused port will do here, just remember it for later) Click "ADD" And now before we finish lets make a few tweaks. We'll be adding a WebUI to the drop down in the dashboard and we'll assign it an Icon For the Icon URL paste in the following link: For the WebUI paste the following: http://[IP]:[PORT:8843]/ (remember I mentioned that port number?) Click "Apply" Your Dashboard Icon should look like this: You now have your own self-hosted private search engine! In the preferences you'll be able to configure which search engines you'll want to use by default. It even searches those "Linux ISO" sites. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. (I'm personally a fan of the legacy theme, as shown above) Enjoy your privacy! Hope this helps everyone. ~Iron
  8. I love the fact that its everything I want in a home server. In ONE home server. If I had to ask for something I supposed it'd be a mobile management app from Limetech.