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  1. I won't be needing my UnRaid much longer. Do the forum rules allow posting 'For Sale' here ... Feel free to strike this post if it violates the rules.
  2. Yes.. lots of plugins. Disk activity is normal now.. What is the best way to see which files are actively being accessed by processes?
  3. Every so often my RC8a server will start accessing the drives very rapidly. No files are in use. Parity is not running. Home screen stats are NOT incrementing rapidly But the cased DISK light is on solid and it's very audible. Sometimes this co-incides with a duplicate file message Process shfs is at 30-70% Full Syslog is 270K and is to large to post. Cut pasted the last few lines to the file attached. I've left it running. Let me know what else i can do for diagnostics I don't know how to tell which files are being accessed. syslog-trimmed.txt
  4. Is there a list of USB Wifi adapters that are known to work with unRaid 5RC? I'd like to disable the wired port on one of my servers and only use wifi. Why ... Well because it's not going to be sitting near any wired jacks !! thanks
  5. I"ll try that .. Should I put the default upstream servers there too..?? Or does DNSMasq use the configured system DNS server ?
  6. Hello I'd like to use the SimpleFeatures DNS to redirect some queries to a different upstream DNS server. For example redirect /cbs.com to DNS server Would you consider modifying your DNS plugin with a section where one could add any additional DNSMasq parms.? Such as server=/cbs.com/
  7. Well .. found those event handlers,and some of the plugins have registered routines there. But it doesn't look like unraid invokes them. I haven't found any way to have apps automatically start/stop without hanging the array at boot or shutdown. For me, the plug-in system seems like it needs work. It should not require this much effort to simply start and stop applications cleanly and boot and shutdown. There are many threads talking about this.. I'm not alone. I will go back to running my apps on a Windows server under ESXi. It's reliable, but a little slow moving large files to/from the video directories for Plex/Sickbeard. Thanks for the help Kaiguy, much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the hints. I'll look at how to do this.. Does the script to check if the cache is mounted go into the the 'go' script? Before or after the call to start emhttpd ? Or better question .. What initiates the plugin/app startup process? Is it emhttpd?
  9. I was optimistic ... The array is still hanging in 'starting' if any of my Apps are enabled to start at system startup. I have to go and 'disable' each application ... reboot... and than enable them one by one after startup. It seems to be a common problem.. but I haven't seen a fix/workaround other than adding a sleep command to 'go'. What am I missing ? I'd just like unRaid to make sure the array is started properly before starting any Apps... and to shutdown all those Apps when the array is stopped. One other odd thing that may be relevant. Using the webgui for any of the add-ins is very very slow. For example . clicking 'Sickbeard' from Settings will take about 30-60 seconds. Any other gui work is pretty normal response. Here is my Go file .. #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & echo 'Sleeping 30 secs' sleep 30s echo 'Done Sleeping' # And here are the plugins Im starting open_vm_tools-2011.11.20.535097_unRaid5.0beta14-i686-5Zeron.plg 392 plex-media-server_mod.plg sabnzbd_mod.plg sickbeard_mod.plg
  10. I have the Sab/sickbeard/plex trio running from my cache drive. Works fine once started. But Startup and shutdown are troublesome. Right now .. my array is in the 'Retry unmounting user share(s) loop waiting for SABnzbd to stop. .. Maybe others. I typically need to telnet in and issue the reboot cmd. (Note .. I am just doing this work to make sure it all works seamlessly when unattended. I don't start/stop/reboot that often ;-) I'm currently running 5.14b So .. how to delay startup of plugins until the array is stable? Is there a cmdline tool I can use ? I've tried adding 'sleep 40s' to my go file ... Didn't seem to help. (assuming it is after the emhttp start cmd ??) And is there a way to auto-kill any app holding a file open during a shutdown ? tia Wes
  11. I think you may be a bit optimistic re passthru controllers. I think you'll find many of us do not do that due to various HW/SW limitations with controller passthru. I'd like to see the optimised vmware drivers as well
  12. Hi folks and happy new year. Quick question .. I know the vmdk is only used for fast boot, and all the config files etc are on the USB key. But is there a way to still mount that vmdk and use it for local storage.? I'm thinking of keeping my plugin/apps there. The rational is I want some space that is not dependent on the array being available.