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  1. Thank you both, thats cleared up my understanding on the subject.
  2. Hi All, I’m looking for a recommendation on the best way to set up my hardware. Currently running 6.9.0 beta 35 on a ryzen 3900x with a 1080ti and gt 710 installed. The 1080 is passed to a win 10 Vm ( general use only, no gaming or editing) and my Plex docker is using software transcoding (gpu). Everything seems to be working ok for maybe 3 streams ( 1 local) concurrently. With the nvidia plugins available should I change the setup so the 1080 is passed to the Plex container for hardware transcoding or is the 12 core 3900x powerful enough to not benefit? Looking to set
  3. Hi Guys, Success at last, in the process i found the hdmi cable a bit dodgy. Thank you for the assist.
  4. Hi mate, maybe my understanding of a VM is off or i'm not explaining my problem very well. I'm running an unraid server (loving it) in a desktop setup in GUI mode, I can also access it via my laptop. I'm running some dockers and a plex server. I had thought that by starting a VM from the laptop a new window would open up for win 10 (selected from the dropdown menu after it's started) or alternatively a cable connected from the second gpu (stubed to the vm) to the monitor would display win 10. As it stands from the laptop the VM starts and nothing, when the monitor is connec
  5. Hi Guys, I have managed to get a Win 10 VM (from it's own SSD) running Ok on VNC but every time i try to pass the Strix GTX 1080ti the VM starts ok but there is no GUI option in the dropdown menu. Can someone please look at my logs and give me some advise? Unraid Syslinux Configuration.docx VM Log.docx VM xml version.docx Hi Squid, I see you help out a lot on this forum and appreciate the time you took to reply. I was expecting to see a 'windows' option in the drop down menu in the GPU passed VM, if that doesn't happen and the video goes strait