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  1. I recently updated to Unraid 6.7 Stable and now I'm joining the group of being unable passthrough an Nvidia GPU to a Windows 10 vm. ASUS x370-F Gaming AMD Ryzen 7 1700 BIOS 4801 most up to date BIOS for this motherboard - like others confirmed, ASUS disabled reverting driver and like others have posted - downgrading BIOS is not the long term fix. EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black edition, with most recent ROM file from techpowerup. Unfortunately the last time I booted the vm was January of 2019 on BIOS 4207 and was able to use GPU passthrough with no issues. I'm am now receiving the same error - vfio: Unable to power on device, stuck in D3, then Unraid crashes after attempting to reboot. I can switch to VNC and run the Windows 10 vm with no issues. I did revert Unraid to the prior version, 6.7 rc6 but received the same errors. At this point I wished ASUS, and other MFGs, allowed downgrading the BIOS... Will be following this topic.