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  1. Just as a follow up this is not possible. If you purchased a key you can not use a trail key to start and access the array "Invalid Trial Installation It is not possible to use a Trial key with an existing Unraid OS installation. You may purchase a Registration key corresponding to this USB Flash device to continue using this installation. For more information, please Contact Support."
  2. I restarted my Unraid server and got a kernel panic which is not uncommon for me. Usually I reformat the USB and it fixes. when I tried to install 6.9.2 using the creator Win32-1.6 it gave a 117 error with Chinese characters. When I looked at the USB drive is says that the status is locked. I've tried around 6-8 ways to try and unlock the USB using partdsk clean, changing the registry and a low level format and nothing has worked so I'm considering moving to a new USB drive. In the past I've had some issues with my USB so I'm going to get a SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ33-016G-G35 as was recommend by some Unraid users. It's currently in the mail but I wanted to access something in the meantime. How bad would it be to use another USB drive with a trial key to get access to my array while I wait for the 2.0 USB to arrive? Will I have any problems when I do replace the USB with the pro key?
  3. I can tell you that you are not alone. I'm still getting this error. People here think it's a corrupt flash drive or corrupt files on the drive. I am able to flash the USB and get Unraid started up ever time but it's not fun doing it ever other time I reboot. I'll have to do more testing. Please let me know if you find a solution Some people have had luck with the following on the flash drive edit syslinux/syslinux.cfg and add root=sda to the boot option you're using after initrd=/bzroot, e.g.: label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot root=sda you can find that in this thread
  4. I'm also getting this error on every upgrade and sometimes just on reboots after 6.6 I'm going to try this and hoping it will do the trick. Original post requesting help.
  5. Thank you. That worked great. Backed up the drive. Reformatted the USB with the unraid tool, made sure it would boot. then copied/replaced the config folder and it's back up and running like normal. Any advice on how to avoid that in the future or what would cause that?
  6. I've been using unraid 6.6.7 pro for weeks now. I did a clean shut down a few days ago and when I powered back on I received an error after selecting either the local GUI or GUI safe mode. See picture for error. The usb I am using is new kingston. After loading a trial version of unraid on a different new kingston. I was able to load the GUI without issues. I can see all the files on my original USB (key, etc.) but do not have a backup or a way to boot into the GUI to create a backup. Since this is a new USB I'm not completely sure it's failing, I've copied the drive contents over to another computer. How would I go about trouble shooting before creating a new USB? Remove plug-ins? If I do need to create a new drive what folder and files could I copy over so that the setup is easy?