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  1. Ok. I think I fixed one of my problems. I had the share "Use Cache Pool" setting to "Yes" instead of "Prefer". Sigh. Yeah, I know....dumb mistake. All of my shares seem to look ok now. The big problem seems to be that my iowait is still going through the roof. I have no idea what could be causing this. I can't seem to pin point it to anything.
  2. I just did what you suggested. It looks like yes, some of those shares are on the array. I attached a screenshot. I also just downloaded the CA M over Tuning plugin, and set the Mover priority to low, and IO process priority to low. We'll see if that has any affect on this.
  3. I think I see what's going on here but I'm not sure how to fix it. I had to replace the cache drive months ago because it failed. I notice that when I look at the contents of the cache drive from main > cache > browse /mnt/cache, is see that some of those folders I previously had in my cache located "Downloads" share are not there. I'm guessing that they are on the array now because of my cache drive replacement. Now every time the mover runs the IOWAIT goes up to an insane amount and takes FOREVER to run. Any ideas how to get these shares back in order again?
  4. So, I'm sorry for abruptly stopping this but I thought things had fixed themselves. Then last night I started have large IOWAIT issues while the mover was running. I tried to reboot but although the dialog box came up and the logs seemed to indicate that a reboot had been ordered, nothing happened. Stopping the docker seemed to do nothing. Only shutting down and making sure the mover didn't start seemed to fix things. I'm not sure why this is happening to be completely honest but it seems to be a continuation of the issues I was having before. Something seems to not be working when it co
  5. Yes. I had to get a new cache drive as my last one failed.
  6. I just ran the diagnostics (with anonymization turned on) and posted the zip file to this post. The array was running when I did it.
  7. I'm running Unraid 6.9.0-rc2 currently. I was having issues with Radarr importing files from nzbget so I started checking around. I am getting the following errors over and over again on my unraid syslogs: Feb 26 15:02:25 Tower kernel: traps: Radarr[9968] general protection fault ip:xxx sp:xxx error:0 in[xxx] Feb 26 15:03:11 Tower kernel: traps: Radarr[10731] general protection fault ip:xxx sp:xxx error:0 in[xxx] I have done a memtest which returned no errors. I also performed a the "docker safe new perms" to see if I was hav