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  1. EDIT: Found a fix... deactivate Secure Boot and Enable Legacy Boot options. UEFI blocks the gpu usage in VM. Its just happen if you have only one gpu in the system. But should not be this way and we wait still an a bios update for X570 Hey guys yesterday my ryzen 9 3900X arrived and i have a Asus Strix X570-F Board with unraid. Since i changed from an Intel H97 Chipset and i4790 to AMD my VM is broke. But strange, there is no D3 error it's another: qemu-system-x86_64: vfio_region_write(0000:08:00.0:region1+0x7c4f8, 0x0,8) failed: Device or resource busy 08:00.0 is my Asus Nvidia 1070 graphics card and it ends in a cryptic screen with unraid command lines in the back but no passthrough. Sometimes it shows me the same hardware ID and tells me "can't mmap the device. I tried our the latest bios 1005 with 1003 ABB but it does not change anything at all. In the end i tried downgrading my bios back to stock but it seems a problem with the X570 because X470 and older works with older bios.... Did someone bring to work the passthrough with a X570 Board and Nvidia GPU?