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  1. Hi All, I have this idea to use unraid as a NAS / storage backend for my proxmox. (via samba, i know ISCSI is faster but unraid is just that easy to use ) I have a VM with large disks in it. It currently runs on my synology NAS as backend but it's becoming to slow. I have a proxmox cluster with 3x HP 8300 Elite SFF machines running on which a couple of (windows and linux) vm's are running. The backend consists of a HP Microserver gen8 with 16gb ram, 4x 2tb WD red's and a samsung 860 evo 250gb caching disk. The problems i ran into; 1. my
  2. What i like: i love the stability of Unraid and the ease to set it up. What could be added: - intergrate CA into unraid itself so it isnt community depent anymore - an step by step tutorial which explains every aspect of Unraid (which you can opt out from) Thanks!