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  1. Nope, they're mapped to my disks that are part of my array. Also (Not explicitly directed at you Lonnie LeMaster), I just recently tried switching back to 6.7.0 again. In less than 24 hours it corrupted. I rolled it back, it went fine. Then after like 3 days I wake up one morning, to hear complaints about how the Plex server isn't working anymore. So I check the logs and indeed, the Plex server DB was corrupt. Shortly after that I checked Sonarr just to be sure, idem dito. Could it be an issue with my hardware as opposed to software? In my opinion it wouldn't make sense given that 6.6.7 works totally fine and I don't have issues with corruption on that version. My other idea would be that there is a bug in the linux kernel that is causing this (Per info, the plugins I use: CA, Fix Common Problems, Unassigned Devices, Nerd Tools, Unraid Nvidia & User Scripts) Is it perhaps better to wait for a newer version unraid? (Newer kernel?)
  2. Encountering the same problem. I've mapped all my containers' /config to /mnt/disk2/appdata. Changed all my shares to include only one disk. Made sure there are no lingering files on either disk that are not supposed to be there. I had switched back to 6.6.7 for short of a week and had no problems. I upgraded to stable custom nvidia unraid 6.7.0 yesterday and when I woke up not 8 hours, my sonarr database got corrupted again. Any other ideas what may be causing this?