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  1. Thank you, F5 work but I must set up a new vm. Old VM dont work.
  2. I've try Bios version F40, F31, F30 and F6 now but not work and are new error: Did not find USB device 046d:c07c all version under F40 the same error and if I add my Radeon RX 580 to the VM error: unknown pci source type 'vendor'. Which version work at you??
  3. Hey if I setting up a Win10 VM and select my Radeon RX 580 became I two defferent error. 1) Unknown PCI header type '127' or same time 2) unable to execute QEMU command 'cont': Resetting the Virtual Machine is required. PCI Slot1: NVIDIA NVS 300 PCI Slot2: Radeon RX580 Have anyone are idee?