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  1. Thanks guys for your prompt advise. I will be looking at the following setup: so suspect the onboard SATA ports/ specifications should be adequate 2x 6TB WD Red Storage 1x 6TB WD Red Parity Drive 1x 240GB SSD SATA Cache Drive ASUS Prime H370M-PLUS Motherboard Intel Core i5 9400 This is for a Plex server
  2. Hi everyone, Firstly, I'm new to UnRAID and am looking at configuring my first server shortly. I have a question that I'm looking to have answered before purchasing any hardware: 1. It appears that UnRAID is software based. Is this correct? 2. If so do i require a RAID controller or simply a bunch of sata ports? 3. I'm looking at a new motherboard that states it does not support RAID, will this be an issue? Sorry if this has been asked before, i did have a quick look at the forums for similar questions. Thanks for your assistance