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  1. i have the following installed: Sabnzbd, Configured to listen on 8080 with http and 8090 with https /config /mnt/user/applications /data /mnt/user/Recordings Sickbeard configured to listen on 8085 /media /mnt/user/media/video/tv /data /mnt/user/Recordings /config /mnt/user/applications Couch potato listening on 5050 media /mnt/user/media/video/tv /data /mnt/user/Recordings /config /mnt/user/applications Plexmediaserver and tvheadend I cannot seem to get these applications to work together. I have a Usenet account and an nzbndx.com account but I cannot get these all to work. Most tutorials I find are for plugins not docker apps. So I wonder if anyone can direct me to a config tutorial for these apps in docker or give me some time to help me get these working.
  2. Hello all, Is there a way to convert a smaller (500GB) drive that is current assigned as disk1 to the cache drive? I have a 3TB parity drive and two other 3TB data drives. TIA Dave
  3. Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this thread but, as a new user to unRaid 6, I have been trying to get PMS and TVheadend working on the server but seem to always run into script errors that I am not sure about. So, I finally found your work on the plug ins (what is the effective difference between the plug in and docker?), so thank you for doing this work, but when I try to install any of these, I get an "Unable to download missing plugin control files ... Aborting install" Can anyone direct me as to how to make this work or, failing that, direct me to a tutorial or instructions on installing using a docker container as I: am getting errors there as well. TIA Dave
  4. Wait a minute.....does this have something to do with licensing? I am happy to buy the license if that is the case but just wondering? Dave
  5. Hello all, Relatively new unRaid user here. I do have a working unRaid 5 system, and have a 3TB parity and did have just a 500GB data drive. I have now added two more 3TB drives but the web management interface only sees one or I should say, only seems to allow me to add one. When I click on unassigned, it seems to be showing me two drives but I can only add one of the two. (see attached) When I run Identify, it only finds one new disk. However, dmesg finds all four drives with no errors. Any idea what is happening here? TIA Dave
  6. OK, thanks all for your input. I seem to be making progress now :-)
  7. Thanks for the response. I am using the free version for now but will purchase a key once I am sure it will work for me. Sorry, where does one find Credential Manager? Just to clarify, this is a mixed network, Macs, PC's and Linux. Dave
  8. Hello all, Relatively new to unRAID and so, I am trying to get a handle on how it works and at this point, what I have is the server up and running, with three users, root and two others. I have four shares that I created, audio, video, TV and Backup. Root has read/write access to all as do the other two users at this point. Under permissions, AFP, I have the security set to Private however, I am unable to do that under SMB security settings. Best I can do is Secure. This is the same for all Shares. See attached as example. The server will not show up in my network on the PC unless I add it to the address bar in explorer. I then shows up and I can access it but it will disappear on reboot unless I presume, I map the drive? What shows up in explorer is all my share folders, plus the flash folder and then another called disk1, which is my non-parity drive. This is the one that is confusing me. If I open one of the share folders, Audio for example, I am unable to do anything in this folder. I have no permissions. If I open the disk1 folder, I again see folders with the same name as my shares and, I am able to create new sub-directories and copy files to these locations. Shouldn't I be able to do the same directly in the Shares without going into disk1? As I am just testing this out, I have a limited disk structure. I have one 3Tb parity disk and one more small drive for testing, which is 500 Gb. My other question is about recording TV shows aka PVR functions. I am assuming this is what the TVheadend plugin did but it appears as this is no longer valid? What would you suggest to add this functionality? Once I get a better handle on the setup and permissions, I want to add Plex in and something to give me the PVR functionality. I am on version 5.06 and did not update to 6 be3cause at the time, I understood that the Plex plugin and the TVheadend plugins were not compatible. But now it seems, they do not work in 5.06 anymore either so ...perhaps I should upgrade? All comments and help to this questions are most appreciated. Cheers, Dave unRAID version 5.06