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  1. I bought HGST 12TB SMR SATA HDD and I found out this is the Host Managed HDD. I plugged in to Dell R720 Integrated SATA Controller, it recognized the Drive in the BIOS, which is a good sign. But upon login to Windows 2016, the OS refused to initialize/format the Drive, showing an error or something. I used old Storage Controller (Adaptec 2268100-R), it recognized the HDD in BIOS level, but same thing inside Windows. Disk Management shows there is HDD installed, but initialization always fail. My question is: is there anyway to make Host Managed HDD to work in Windows environment? Do I need special Storage Controller to make the Drive works in Windows? Yes, I read about ZAC/ZBC, it is New to me and beyond my understanding. All this time, I thought SATA is simply plug & play. Let me know if anyone here has some experience on this.