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  1. Hello guys, Because my old Dell T20 performance is beginning to annoy me too much I am looking to buy something new, and thought I would get your opinions before I make my purchase. I mostly use Plex, Sonarr, Radarr and all the other usual dockers that are needed for media aggregation. This is what i have picked so far: Intel Core i5 10400 Gigabyte B460M DS3H Corsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4 2666MHz 2x8GB (CMK16GX4M2A2666C16) * 2 Corsair CV650 650W Fractal Design Node 804 I am also looking to pick up a new (extra) SSD to use as an unassigned device for downloading media, and maybe 6.9 use it as an separate cache. At the moment in my Dell T20 I have 4 HDDs and one SSD that I will move over to this new server.
  2. Nobodody got any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  3. Hi, I have the exact problem with my Conbee II. It also works on my raspi and on my Windows 10 computer tower-diagnostics-20190715-1705.zi I get this message: Jul 15 19:03:55 Tower kernel: usb usb3-port9: attempt power cycle Jul 15 19:03:55 Tower kernel: usb 3-9: new full-speed USB device number 50 using xhci_hcd Jul 15 19:04:04 Tower kernel: usb 3-9: unable to read config index 0 descriptor/all Jul 15 19:04:04 Tower kernel: usb 3-9: can't read configurations, error -110 Jul 15 19:04:05 Tower kernel: usb 3-9: new full-speed USB device number 51 using xhci_hcd in the log for a couple a minutes then it stops, se my syslog here: I made a topic on this last week but didnt get any answers.
  4. Hi! I have been trying to move my Home Assistant setup from my pi to my Unraid server. I have gotten Home Assitant and Node-RED up and running without any problems, but I have trouble with getting deConz to work. To be more precise I have problem with getting the ConBee 2 usb device to show up in deConz. The docker I am using is this one I suspect the problem is with the server recognising the ConBee. In the system logs i get this error for a couple a minutes before it stops After this the device is recognised in unraid as: Bus 003 Device 068:ID 1cf1:0030 Dresden Elektronik In the log for the deconz docker I get this message repeated all the time Here is a pic of the docker configuration also