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  1. Ok it went down again. I have againg removed docker, and removed appdata folder. I have reinstalled it and its running again. Looking for opinions 1. would getting a ssd for the cache drive fix this?? 2. could this be a hardware issue on my end? Thinking about building a new server but don't wish to if it isn't the issue Again any suggestions would be appreciated in fixing this issue. tower-diagnostics-20190712-0034.zip Plex Tuner Service.log
  2. No, outta all the times ive tried removing and reinstalling different dockers i have never even come close to filling it I just was playing with different attempts to fix and set this bigger.
  3. Ok here is the docker run command and also the diagnostic zip! tower-diagnostics-20190712-0034.zip
  4. I am very new to unraid and am hoping mainly to run plex on it. I have installed the docker numerous times all with short term sucess. Once i open the plex gui and load my libraries, it start loading posters and everything seems great then I am refused connection and cant access it. I have tried a couple fixes. the first was to add the s for the secure path. this didnt change anything Lastly I have done a fix posted above to change my app data port to /mnt/disk1/Plex3 this fix seemed to keep it running the longest and i thought it was fixed but after about an hour broke again. Not sure if this is corruption as mentioned above??? Anyone know what is wrong? What do you need from me?? Help Plz I really like the idea of unRaid so i can slowly add disks and still have parity safety but if i cant run plex this isn't gonna matter for me!!!!