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  1. I'm planning to open up my Plex to approximately 20 remote users and am curious if it's wise / necessary to first put Plex behind a reverse proxy.
  2. Hey all. I'm trying to figure adding this device to Unraid to pass to Plex for live TV. I downloaded Unraid DVB but have yet to choose a version to install, as I'm not sure which would be best. I don't find much info about anyone using a USB device. Can anyone confirm/deny if it's usable? Hauppauge WinTV Dual-HD (Amazon link)
  3. I've been preclearing a new HDD for the past day. Probably shouldn't have but during the post-read of the preclear I opted to start tinkering with my first VM. During creation of the VM, the GUI froze and gave me a 504 error. My shares are still available and I'm able to SSH in. I'd like to shut the system down gracefully, but it doesn't appear to be responding to the powerdown or reboot commands. Diagnostics attached. Any advice? unraid-nas-diagnostics-20190714-1344.zip