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  1. How do I rebalance. Do I use the rebalance plug in?
  2. T u so much for this information.
  3. Would it be a good idea to put my 2 x 500GB 960 NVMEs as a cache pool in mirror Mode? Array will be 6 x 4TB (All New). Still contemplating how to make a XFS RAID 5 for 4x480GB SSDs!!!??? Thank you all for your patience and replies. Rajkumar.
  4. Yes, I always watch all his videos. They are good. thx.
  5. Then I guess the issue is resolved. But I will need a Howto to make the 2nd separate pool. Maybe when installing uraid will see the balance disks. I really don't know as yet. Planning the install this Sunday. Will have time for installing the whole system at 1 go. Currently using all hdds in single parity array. Too section. I think the second tab. Thank u 4 your kind suggestion. This will really help me, I guess if 2 raid5/6 pools are allowed. I as the main array and a second one for the ssds. Hope they will perform like t
  6. This I know but then we are wasting ssd space. 4 x 480 = 3 x 480gb raid 5. 4 x 480 = 2 x 480gb raid 1. So why should I waste space and ssd money if only 1 array is allowed. I am sure that there maybe a work around. After all it's linux. Maybe something else has round around. I remember something like mdadm or something like it. Used it years ago when we have 8gb drives, long long ago, lol. T u 4 your interest and comment.
  7. I wanted to eventually make this mainly into a nas, nvr and a VMs server. So I need cheap hdds with 1 to parity drives. Furthermore, wanted to have a saparate set for my ssd, which I buy every month. We already have about 4 VMs running simultaneously Ona 10x2 core xeon, (40 threads. So mainly 2 separate arrays with parity. One for hdd and 1 for the SSDs. I don't trust and storage. My boss insists on parity. Our stand-alone boxes also have a push system to the server. The data HAS to be on the n
  8. That's kinda sad. Will try some config. Else will have to use something else. Dunno. Thx for all your help
  9. okay, I meant just below where it shows array devices. Its call pool in some other OS. So, for now will go with single parity, later on definitely add 2 parity drives. I already have 4x4TB HDD and 4x480SSD. So Can I have 2 arrays on 1 unraid box? I have done this on my 120TB Freenas Box. 8x4TB Raidz2 8x8TB Raidz2 4\8x2TB Raidz2 (old drives lying around. so have 2 diff devs. Can I do this in unraid? if so how? Regards. Rajkumar.
  10. So just "typing it aloud", will put 4 drives x 4TB into Pool A Will put 4 Drives x 480GB into Pool B Will remove the NVMEs for other Systems. Hope this is best case scenario. Hope NVMEs should not be put into a cache pool? Thank you for your reply. Other seniors could also reply. Thank you once Again.
  11. Hi, Building a new server with relatively new hardware. Ryzen 2700x Asus Mobo. 64GB Corsair Vengense RAM (but onlly @ 2400Mhx) 3 Windows VMs) Corsair 360 AIO. Corsair AXI PSU Full Tower Cabinet. My question for Storage..... Have 2 x NVME x 512GB each. 4 x SSD Kindston 480GB each. 6 x 4TBs WD Purples Okay I know the 6x4TB will be 1 Array. How should I setup the SSDs and NVMEs??? Any help will be appreciated, also cache drives??? can i use SSDs smaller ones like a 120
  12. I would like to also mention that UNRAID was a 1 day affair. Freenas was over a week. for a newbie for a particular system/OS/Enviorment, unraid felt like a breeze. i Day includes other activities. LOL. So far UNRAID is KEWL.
  13. Question 6. Wanting to install a Cache drive. Want to go with an M.2 Form Factor. question is NVME or SATA. Also incase there is some data on the cache, and if (for whatever reason the machine goes off), what happens to the data in the cache drive. Can I make sure somehow that its written to disk? Can we have some system as in (sorry) freenas that there is "cop", hope term is (correct)? Also for the first 3-6 months can I backup to a normal external USB drive every night for the whole system (data) No music No videos, just pure data, Say aboo
  14. Thank you all 4 your kind replies. With this kind of help, I am sold on unraid. The system so far is working super. No issues so far. Space invaders videos are very good, informative, to the point, clean, etc etc (just super) So with all that has been said, (lol, paid through my nose for the i350T4 directly from intelm due to fakes available in the market, which apparently die.) will keep the RAM,MOBO,CPU and all. Have just upgrade to the 2700x Prism cooler on my 1500x as my 2700x is a open loop LC. RAM prices have shotup by
  15. thank u all 4 your replies. Appreciate it.