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  1. @CHBMB, any chance you've had time to take another stab at the DVB / nVidia combo build?
  2. @CHBMB Thanks for keeping with this (do you have a Patron we can throw support your way?) I followed your instructions above. DVB shows in Unraid ✓ Tuners work in Plex ✓ Nvidia GTX 1070 shows in Unraid ✗ https://imgur.com/a/JB7NdTv The Nvidia Unraid plugin still reports the following error And no cards show up. I don't know of any other way to get the UUID for the card other than to go to the plugin so I can't brute force test it with the docker. And I've verified that the GTX 1070 shows up in the "Tools > System Devices" page. Let me know what else I can check or test for you. (I'm a application software engineer but not a lot of experience in system software development but I'm comfortable in a terminal so i don't mind digging)
  3. Very much so interested in a DVB / Nvidia build. I've got a GTX 1070 and a Hauppauge i can test with. I've gotten both to work independently using DVB Unraid and Nvidia Unraid respectively. I'm still some what new to Docker but I attempted to piece together info from the last 4 pages of posts on how to try it and test and the best I got was Unraid 6.7.2 with my Hauppauge showing up but the Nvidia card showing the "Nvidia-SMI has failed error" that @RawrSpace shared.