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  1. I've had Media Center setup in a VM for a couple weeks now. What I have noticed is that watching live TV works well. However, when we watch recorded TV, it will often stutter during playback and gives the "Network Issue" warning. The stuttering happens several times throughout a 30 minute episode. It's VERY annoying and basically ruins the whole experience. Anyone seen anything similar or have advice to fix it? I'm almost at the point of abandoning WMC as a VM right now if I can't get this fixed.
  2. @aim60, sounds good. Thanks for the tip! If you copy your recordings manually (or some automated task) to a network path and point recorded tv to it as an additional library location, won't you need to manually manage your recorded tv files? Would you need to manually delete the oldest episodes, etc from the network folder as you want to free up space instead of having WMC handle this automatically?
  3. @aim60, thanks for the advice. That was indeed the case. Not sure how the network share got in there, as I never added it manually. But case closed, so thanks! Are there any other tips/tricks for configuring WMC in Unraid that I should know about?
  4. Hopefully I'm not the last remaining dinosaur to be running Windows Media Center and someone is able to help... I setup WMC as a VM. In order to set Recorded TV to point to one of my Unraid network shares, I followed the procedure outlined in comment #17 here: It basically says to create a 2nd disk for the VM and use "mklink" to point it to the network share location. I've done all of that and set WMC to store recorded tv to the network share. That's working well so far. However, wheneve
  5. @NAStyBox, did you ever solve this? I'm having issues watching recorded tv from a wmc VM as well and it's driving me nuts...
  6. Hi all. I'm new to UnRaid and I'm trying to decommission my old Windows 7 Media Center PC and put it inside a VM. The Win7 OS is easy enough to install, however, I'm hitting an issue that hopefully @NAStyBox or someone else can help with. I have the HDHomerun device with 3 cablecard tuners via ethernet. I have it installed and setup the TV signal inside WMC. However, I can't activate my cablecard. WMC gives a message "Your computer is not digital cable ready. You will not be able to set it up for use with a CableCard". When I go to the Digital Cable Advisor tool f