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  1. Hi trurl User was created on the webUI, was only able to read not write. But after some testing, that first cmd didn't really workout. Regarding the second cmd: I have nothing on cache so it worked for me but good to know. I plan on changing that in the future so thanks for letting me know the more general path ! Overall all of this is starting to get me interested in Linux and UNRAID ! I can see myself probably moving away from Windows in some time ! Not before I spend countless hours reading/learning about it though ! Thanks again for your help guys
  2. So after a bit more testing, the above only kinda worked. I was able to create folders in some of the shares but not others. Or in my TV Shows shares for example, I could create a folder for a new show but I couldn't create a folder in an existing show's folder ( to add a season for example ). I had to do some more research and found a definite solution: chmod -R 7 /mnt/user0 This set up a Read/Write/Execute permission on all my shares. Did some extensive testing and it's working perfectly ! Cheers !
  3. Hi Guys So with the Help of my Cyber Security Specialist at work, we found a very easy solution to this. He is a Linux veteran and was able to provide me with an easy fix. As we can see from the first command you had me run, we can see that the governing user for my shares is "nobody" from the group called "users". What we did is added my UNRAID user (remember, same as my windows user) to the group "users", using that command: usermod -a -G examplegroup exampleusername where example group for me was "users" and exampleusername was my UNRAID/Windows usermame. And instantly, I got read/write access to all my shares from Windows. Hope that it can help people in the future ! Cheers
  4. Thanks, will have a look after work today. Will post results here !
  5. Ran the first cmds, results attached. For the third one, I chose a random one, since they all behave the same. Chose the TV Shows Share. Not sure what it means but some of them are in a different color as you can see. So reading from the post you linked, I guess it means that my docker wrongly assigns permissions on those shares to "nobody" who is actually ... nobody ! I don't see any difference with the "Movies" share though but now that I think about it, I created that share while running another Plex Docker, which turned out to not work properly so I then got a different one. Which could explain why that share works ! BTW using Plex Docker: plexinc/pms-docker
  6. Hi Guys Running UNRAID 6.7.2 Have a few shares, all full of media, all PLEX libraries. Got the PLEX docker to work, everything OK there. I am losing my mind figuring out what's wrong with windows/linux permissions and file transfers. I have multiple shares: Movies, Tv Shows, UFC, For Shame (reality TV for the wife) ... They are all public and are all configured exactly the same. The first share I created in Unraid was the "movies" share. I figured out that for me to have access to it, I needed to create a user in UNRAID with the same name and password as my windows user. Done and working. Now all the other shares after that one, I can see and access from windows but I don't have write access ! I can't delete or create files there. During my troubleshooting for the this issue, I once deleted that user in UNRAID, and instantly lost access to my shares in windows. Couldn't even see them, so I recreated the user, and I was back at the same place. Full read/write access to the "movies" share. Only read for all the other shares. I need write access to the other shares so I can transfer new episodes/shows when I get them ! I have read multiple posts and tried lots of things but right now I'm at a loss. Anything you guys can see ? Thanks in advance for your help. tower-diagnostics-20190806-2356.zip
  7. I ran a couple more SMART tests and they both " Completed without Errors " Still need to get rid of that drive immediately ? I'm a bit lost here ! Thanks
  8. Hi all I recently moved my basic windows server to Unraid. Spent a lot of time reading guides and finally got started yesterday. Ran the first parity check after setup and one drive returned 640 errors. Reading some other posts, I see it all depends about the diagnostics and SMART reports. I've attached it here. Is that drive dead ? Should I remove it immediately ? I also have a question about copying all my data to the array: Here is my setup 1 WD RED 10TB = Parity Drive 1 WD RED 6TB = Data drive 1 WD RED 4 TB = Data Drive 1 WD Blue SSD 256GB = Cache Drive Now I also have 3 brand new WD RED 8 TB drives that I bought during prime day ( great deal, 200$ CAD each). I transferred my data from the three drives listed above (10, 6 and 4 ) to the three new 8TB, then created the array. Now I need to move the data from one 8TB Drive to the array, then format the drive and add it to the array. Repeat that operation three times for the three drives. Should I use the unattached plugin, or is there a better way to transfer data ? Finally, I intend to use this as a PLEX server exclusively. I will get Sonarr setup and just add media to the server a few times a week. Are cache drives important for me ? I could easily get my hand on a couple of Samsung PRO 1TB SSDs but I'm not sure I will see any benefits from using those ! Thanks a lot for your help ! Steven tower-diagnostics-20190730-0154.zip