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  1. Yes mate I'll post it later when I'm home again. I am sorely tempted to backup my server and start from scratch with the 6.10 RC and see how a fresh install goes but getting any bugs or user errors sorted would also be a plus for other members.
  2. They are already enabled so don't know why the mount points change when updating from 6.9 to 6.10 unless I've missed something in the change log.
  3. Absolute legend on figuring that one out I did test last night with SSL disabled and was able to get it updated however all my docker containers all failed to to come online and when checking the docker settings it stated that /mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img And /mnt/user/appdata/ Do not exist.
  4. I have Unraids local tld set as unraid.eoghan-net.com and i have also set that on haproxy via pfsense so that i can access the webui without using the IP for remote management via VPN once i updated to 6.10 the domain somehow changed to media-server.unraid.eoghan-net.com
  5. Ill do that cheers although I would love to know why with this update that the URL that I have set in 6.9 suddenly changes in this update to something completely different to what's set.
  6. Hi here is the logs you asked for, is there anyway to revert the update via the flash drive? media-server-diagnostics-20210808-1248.zip
  7. Great work on the update, However I seem to have a slight issue after updating I no longer have access to the webui every time I try to access it the URL rewrites itself e.g. If my servers IP in it rewrites to the domain name I set within the webui with I expect however since updating it not appends the servers friendly name to the start of the domain name. My server is called on my network media-server. So unraid is now rewriting the URL from unraid.example.com to media-server.unraid.example.com. Is there anyway to stop it appending the media-server part? Thanks Eoghan.
  8. Thanks for the replies I ended up setting up my old unreliable pfsense box then get the unRAID server setup and the pfsense vm up and running. I think the development team should have like a 30 minute grace period before it requires with a paid or trial key for customers out there that run the likes of pfsense in a VM.
  9. Hi guys I plan to test unRAID on my home server however the server that I will be testing it on currently has VMware esxi running with my pfsense vm. My question is am I able to run unRAID with full functionality without it having access to the internet until I set up pfsense with a VM using unRAID?