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  1. I'm in the early stages of building an unRAID server, or piecing one together. I'm mainly concerned about a 2nd local storage of photo/video media (Commercial photographer) and then a Plex server as of right now. I run yearly hard drives as external backups currently. I have 8 drives coming off of a local raid that would go straight into the unRAID build, and would add another 8 down the road to start. Is there an online site/calculate that is able to calculate the idle running cost of various configurations? I'm under the assumption Plex will need a bit more performance, is worth setting up a 2nd unRAID as the bulk of the drives dont need the speed? I'm mainly trying to get hard numbers on the yearly cost I'm looking at. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Looks like I will be taping pin 3. Thanks for the help.
  3. Does anybody know the best way to contact Norco support? I haven't had a response to the email I've sent them. Their FB page appears to be deactivated. I've pulled apart one of the chassis and nothing appears burned out, only damage was a cross-threaded standoff from manufacturing. I have another SFF-8087 to 4 sata cable in the mail to try, but I don't see how that's going to solve it.
  4. This isn't for an unraid setup at the moment, but I'll be making an unraid server down the road. Figured this was a good place as any to ask since a lot of my google searches were pointing me back to these forums. I'm having issues with SAS drives in Norco SS-500 hot swap cages. I can't get the SAS drives to read through the backplane. I'm running to a MegaRAID SAS 9270-8i w/ an Int-MS-1M4S Mini-SAS to 4SATA cable. Sata drives will work, and I've verified the SAS drives are good by using a Mini-SAS to SAS fan out cable direct the the raid card. I'm not sure what cable I need to connect to the Sata ports on the back of the Norco SS-500 as the Int-MS-1M4S ones appear to not work with SAS drives. Then I was reading a few older threads on here about how Norco hot swap bays were burning up larger drives. Was this issue ever corrected? All 4 of my Norco SS-500's were purchases 2014 and the one I have pulled out at the moment is stamped FH-MZ-3-5 2012.08.08 Ver: 1.2, currently have 8 x HGST He8 8tb 5V 800mA 12V 660mA I'm looking to use in the SS-500's. If I have to pivot to Supermicro 5 in 3's to avoid risk I will, although I'd rather save $400 if possible. Any feedback would be appreciated.