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  1. I've kind of given up on using a 3700x as a light-weight server. I'm waiting on Intel E2278G at this point. It has decent embedded graphics for GPU offload and it should have decent performance with a low TDP.
  2. X470D4U is pretty much the only game in town if you want some workstation/server management capabilities. A lot of owners seem to be having a variety of issues though whether it's issues with IPMI, stability issues when using hypervisor and trying to do things like pass-through of a GPU, etc. Not sure how stable it is if you were just going to run vanilla Linux on it with the hardware you mentioned. It's also not what I would call affordable since it is currently priced at about $350.
  3. Question for the OP, I stumbled across this thread as I've been struggling with finding suitable hardware for an upgrade path for an aging i7 based HP workstation that is currently my do-it-all server in the home (runs Plex, some CCTV software, a couple of other services). I want to run ESXi 6.7 preferably and want the ability to passthrough GPU in the event that 4K HDR transcoding ever becomes an option within Plex. I had been leaning towards getting the new Ryzen 3700X since bang for buck it is an enormous processor... unfortunately motherboard selection if you need a few PCI slots is kind of terrible (I want a reserved slot for GPU, need a slot for 10Gb NIC in future and need a slot for a PERC H330 RAID controller).... the motherboard that has IPMI and most of the features I need is an Asrock motherboard (X470D4U) but it appears to have some stability issues, the IPMI is buggy ,etc. If you were doing it again right now would you still go the Intel route? There for sure is better motherboard options. What is your standby power consumption with the Intel chip? Thanks