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  1. Hello, Thank you for replying! Here they are. tower-diagnostics-20201122-1640.zip towerakritasnas-diagnostics-20201122-1640.zip
  2. Hello Guys, I am trying to sync 2 unraid NAS (around 30TB) and for some reason I am being capped at around 10 MB/s . My network consists of GIGABIT switches and CAT6 cables. Both NAS towers got a Gigabit Card. I am sure I am doing something wrong. this is the command I am using: rsync -aHAXxv * root@<ip address>:/mnt/user/Downloads/ --no-compress --info=progress2 Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. Hello, no problem but where is it?
  4. Hello guys, I was wondering what is the best way to copy around 40TB from onr NAS to another. All the Data is within one folder. I tried to use Unassigned Devices and add an SMB Share but even though I managed to add the share (So I can later send the date through NOVNC) it refuses to be mounted. I click on MOUNT it tries to mount it but then it stops and the MOUNT option appears again. Any ideas? Thank you!
  5. Hello, Thank you for your answer: 1. I have no Idea what it means. Even if it tells me exactly what to do. 2. So what should the system share be then? What is the appropriate setting? 3. I was under the impression that Death Star (which is where all my files are downloaded) should not use the Cache. I mean this is what I gathered from our previous posts. And frankly, when I changed that, all my problems went away. Am I still doing something wrong? 4. Well, my NAS is not always working at 100% as the problem claims. I can see it from the monitoring indications. But I have no idea what those drivers are and how to get them. Please note that even though this "problems" were found by the scanner my NAS works well and I got no issues like before. What do you think? tower-diagnostics-20200426-0042.zip
  6. Hello, Everything seems to be working fine but i got these errors: are they worrying?
  7. I did everything you said! Everything is working smoothly now! Thank you so much!
  8. Thank you very much! noted. How about the safety question? How safe is it to try that?
  9. Regarding the first solution you recommend, I will need to find out how i can tell KRUSADER to unrar to a different share because up to now i was unraring in the same folder on the same share. You are right this makes a lot of sense! Let's see if I can do it. Regarding moving the system share: What is the benefit of moving the system share to the cache? I thought that my system share was on the USB Flashdrive with the OS. Am I wrong? Also how safe is it to do what you are suggesting? Thank you once again!
  10. Actually, preferably I would like to not use Krusader at all. But copying from one share to another using my PC and Windows, involves the PC in the chain which takes up many resources. So I use Krusader to do that. My steps up to now where: 1. Download the files (Lets assume they are rar) - they are 50 to 100GB each 2. Unrar them in the same directory. 3. Let the rared file in that directory for seeding. 4. Move the unrared file to the other share that is used as storage for finished files only. 5. When i decide that i have done enough seeding I delete the original file. The problem was that if Unrar multiple files together and also at the same time that the unrar is taking place I also move some of the finished files, I would get the "No more space on disk" message which led me to think that something is wrong with the "Buffering" (I do not know if I can call it that). Maybe the files being moved and the ones being unrared (if it works like that) are taking up more space than the entire cache disk? No idea if what I am saying makes sense. So what I thought to do is send the Downloaded files on the Final Destination share, so when I unrar them I won't have to move them to a different share. Just a different folder of the same share. This will help right? And the result will be the same. Correct me if you are not bored and I am wrong Mover finished by the way and now it shows 970GB free! Wow - You were right. Here are my new diagnostics: tower-diagnostics-20200402-1231.zip
  11. I won't lie. I do not really know how it works. But here is the scenario I want: Once I find my files that I want to download, I insert them intro transmission. (I do not mind if that is not done automatically.) Then when they are done, I want to keep seeding them but if they are rar files I would like to unrar them, in a different location so the seeding location can remain untouched. I do not mind if the location is on a different share (This is what I was doing up to now, which I think it is wrong. I did this in the beginning when I thought that moving from one share to another would be the same like you move a Folder from an HDD to another folder on the SAME HDD. Stupid me:) ) or not. I think that being on the same share will save me from all this trouble. Am I right? Sorry for sounding like a complete newbie but I am one!
  12. Hello yes I read it but did not understand it at the time. Now I do. Instead of saying to Krusader MOVE file I should say COPY and then go back to the share where the original file is and delete it. Or another solution is to download the files I want on that particular share to begin with and avoid all this. Right? Because the problem now is that when this happens I cannot even unrar some files without getting the "Not enough space" message in windows.
  13. As you can see there is a lot of activity going on on the disks, most probably due to the moving of all those files using krusader. (I am assuming, I am by no means an expert). I do not even know if the cache is being used during all those moves.
  14. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to help out. Ok, I did what you said and I will wait until it is over. Then post diagnostics. My question is: When I move files from one share to another, does it use the cache disk? Because I do that a lot. I am using Krusader and although it shows the move being done immediately I get the feeling that work is being done on the background, using up all the cache for many hours maybe a day. (I might move close to 1TB per time). Thank you.