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  1. Similar to the Steam library Benefits. Will allow users to instantly guage whether their proposed hardware is being used with Unraid if we can see how users utilize hardware in their builds. Beneficial to developers as they might have a better understanding of how software should be optimized.
  2. solved! Cpu pinning. I pinned my containers to 2 cpus and gave my vm 6 it works now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I followed space invaders video, and the passthrough of the 1030 GPU and usb controller was seamless. This won't be a gaming pc for me, just general use, but I still want to use my ultra wide monitor, so I got the Nvidia MSI GT1030 as my graphics card. Hopefully this was not a mistake. My problem is that the display stutters, is slow, drags, nothing smooth about it, this is just general use, not gaming. So: - It passes through fine, using either DisplayPort or HDMI. The graphics looks fine, if I don't open a browser. - When I try to load You
  4. Solved - crappy usb drive it looks like. Changed the usb and it’s been clean for a few weeks now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Is it possible to get the hardware profile uploaded by users? I would like to collate the information into a publicly accessible Grafana or similar dashboard to give Unraid users a view of what hardware other people are running. This would end questions like "is this GPU compatible" or "this piece of kit I want to buy" and would just generally be cool information. We can also expand this information into swapping or deals channels for user at a later stage? Kind Regards, George
  6. I figured it out! So I had this situation where my Samsung TV Plex client wouldn't recognise my Plex server. Just couldn't figure it out. The DHCP server automatically assigned an IP address which was fine for about a year. DHCP address - But what I didn't think about was that I created a wireguard client that also assigned this IP address as valid in its range. And when I tried to create a VM it was also assigning this IP address. A quick cleanup later and everything works again.
  7. Well, as per Spaceinvaderone's vid, I created a new network for the Jitsi containers. It should just my my standard router delivering DHCP. I wonder if I should try to put my VM's on their own network, how would I do that?
  8. I know there are a lot of posts on bad USB drives on here, just basically getting rid of some frustration. I've had my build up for close to a year now. In that time I have not been able to once (ok, I lie, I've had 3 successes) do a clean shutdown or a clean reboot of my system. Honestly, every single time I bring it down, I get a kernel panic on startup. Then I have to, build a new key (annoying my wife because I have to use her windows laptop, I've only got Macs and the USB creator doesn't work anymore) Copy my last backed up config to the drive. Start up and le
  9. I had this issue. I switched to VNC viewer (Free) and just set a vnc password in your VM setup before you start it. I think my problem was changing my default ports around.
  10. I'm struggling to create linux VM's. I've tried a few different images, but all seem to fail out due to networking issues I think. Ubuntu, Lubuntu, arch. All fail. I've created VM's before without an issue, but since I last created a VM I have done the following: Installed Wireguard and Pihole side by side (so changed my server ports) Installed Letsencrypt Create a new network for Jitsi. None of these might be related, however maybe I missed something in there? I've attached the log file for the error I'm getting during the VM creation as well as my s
  11. I installed Jitsi, as per the instructional video of SpaceInvaderOne. I now see that there are new images available for Jitsi, but how do you update them inside Portainer? I've done a couple of google searches but all I see are arguments about rebuilding the image vs recreating the image and how you should do neither and I'm confused.
  12. So my wireguard setup (and PiHole) work perfectly. When I connect with my phone I can see my internal network as well as browse the web. Now is it possible to set up an internal port forward on my Unraid server, so my phone can access the vpn via Privoxy (port 8118). If it helps, in wireguard my peer ip is defined as
  13. He didn't answer, but I had the same issue this morning. Basically my problem was that in the wireguard config I set my local tunnel address to the router gateway rather than my Unraid server. Setting it to the server sorts it!
  14. Funny that. There was something stopping it from unmounting successfully. It said disk1 was still in use. Fuser command said it was mount command holding it up. Nothing else running. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Same thing. It still corrupts. I just installed the button to see if that would make a difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. So I ran a 12 hour memtest yesterday and there were no issues reported. I'm starting to wonder if my USB boot stick is bad. To clarify how I shut down: 1. I stop all my dockers. 2. I stop all my vm's (I only have 3 linux ones active all the time) 3. I make sure I have no shells open 4. I hit the power button provided by the Dynamix buttons plugin. Then I leave the machine for 30 minutes or so, but still it does not shut down. The last message I see via the attached monitor is normally something like (boot unmounted). But I have to still press th
  17. After yet ANOTHER bad restart (lets not discuss it here) I have a problem with my docker services and in syslog I see a lot of messages saying "docker port 6 entered blocking state, disabled state" So after the bad restart: I disabled docker, deleted the image file, enabled it, and rebuild my apps from previous installed. I can access all of my dockers without issues, but with Sonarr for example, It can't resolve external services, for example Sonarr log gives me a 404 on this:, but curl -I works fine from the shell.
  18. 6.8.3 I had a kernel panic during preclear disk I think. I was clearing a spinning rust 2TB seagate and a SSD at the same time. I was doing this during a parity check (unclean shutdown) not sure if that's wise.... I've included my diagnostic and my syslog file here, can somebody shed a bit of light for me? Interesting was that the gui was still available, but it didn't show any array information. All my dockers were up, and accessible, but not the docker tab itself. I had to hold down the power button to reboot as the option was not on the gui. The parity check i
  19. Hi I've downloaded the new USB creator tool for MAC, and in the past it's worked fine. However suddenly I get a setugid() error. I'm not sure if it's to do with a new OSX update, however it did stop working on both my desktop and MacBook Pro. Windows still work. Any ideas what I can do to fix it?
  20. I had a problem the other day where my network connection went into a blocking state. (This has now happened twice when I had wireguard configured, but I've not yet assigned blame - different story). Luckily I was home when it happened overnight and so I could just go in and reboot manually via the gui in the server room. But what would happen if this happens and I'm away on holiday? The server does seem completely fine, except that I can't reach it via SSH or the WEB GUI. Would a second NIC help to login via should the main enter blocking state? Any ideas or suggestions?
  21. The RC seems to have fixed it.
  22. Hi, I've seen a few threads here asking about this problem, but I'm not seeing a solution. Can somebody point me to it please? Here is the breakdown: I spent some time watching Spaceinvader's vids on optimising and setting up Unraid. I've pointed containers to the flash, installed fix command problems, stuff like that. Overall I'm very happy with my box performance over all. Except, somewhere along the line, Live TV & DVR in Plex is killing me. It's buffering and constantly saying "weak signal". I'm using a Zgemma H902. 1. I've checked the Zgem