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  1. Hi all, Not my first build but decided to replace my two unraid servers and consolidate into one. I'm stumped as to what i can do other than give up. Post making a USB key. I might get one successful boot. try again and it will either kernel panic/VFS errors, failed to read blocks: 0x7, simply wont boot and kicks me back to the bios. So far i have tried. - Updated BIOS - Cleared CMOS and start from scratch on the recommended settings. - Used the Windows USB creator app and manually created USB Key - Tried disabling things like IPMI, C-States, Fast Boot, Ignore F1 errors - Ensured the key is the primary boot. - Tried UEFI and Non UEFI keys. - If i enable CSM board pushes display out to an onboard VGA header even though there is a discrete graphics card so with out a VGA monitor no idea what happens but looking at my router it has not successfully booted. - On my tenth USB key though have tried a mixture of Sandisk, Samsung in either USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 - Took the key one of my servers that works and it booted once. second boot same issues. - Installed windows via USB and was able to run cinebench for 24 hours straight. Hardware: Threadripper Pro 3975X Asus Sage WRX80-SE-WIFI 64GB DDR 4 RAM
  2. Tried the manual way with script no dice. Both methods work on 10.14
  3. Hi all, Used the creator tool before but on my macbook pro using 10.15 Catalinab beta ive had no dice getting a usb key written and i have tried four now. They get to a point where the follow error is generated