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  1. I figured this out! After reading through the quick start guide I quickly realized the changes that I needed to make. Thank you!
  2. I replied to the thread dedicated to the blog post and haven't received a reply. That was over a week ago, it's not a big rush but I will take a look at the quick start guide. I appreciate your help.
  3. I followed the "Setting up WireGuard on Unraid" guide from back in December. When I was finished and tested everything works except I cannot access external traffic once connected to the vpn. I can access my Unraid server, Local LAN but if I try to access the web I have no internet/external traffic. What did I miss? I appreciate the help. Thank you
  4. Thank you very much! That seemed to do the trick. I really appreciate your help with this.
  5. Do I want to disable the disk? That is the only way it will allow me to start the array again after I unassign parity 2.
  6. Yes, that is correct. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't give you the whole plan to begin with.
  7. Well, I did add a second parity drive, but this wasn't the first time I added a new parity. When I added the 2tb, it stayed in the parity 2 slot. So when I added the 4tb I have now, it became Parity 1. My plan changed a few times based on the drives I had available to me. I bought more which is why I added the 4tb. My goal is to have 1 parity with the 4TB. Re-assign the 2TB Parity drive to a disk drive. Remove the remaining 1TB disk drives, replace them with a 4TB and 2TB. Here is a screenshot:
  8. Sorry about that, here you go. I appreciate the help. cybertron-diagnostics-20200107-1647.zip
  9. When I unassign the 2TB parity, unraid gives me a warning that the disk will be disabled. This won't cause any issues when I go to add it as a data disk? I'm still new to unraid so I wasn't sure if I could then add it as data disk after it has been disabled. Right now I don't have plans to have 2 parity drives. Eventually I might go that route but storage size is more important to me at this point.
  10. I recently added a second parity drive 4tb in size. I was going to use the 4tb I added as well as the first parity drive I already had installed which is 2tb. At first I did not realize that I would only be able to add disk drives up to 2tb in size, since that is my smallest parity drive. I have another drive larger than 2tb that I would like to add to my array. What is the best way to re-assign the 2tb drive and add it as a disk drive? I recently found this article: http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=Shrink_array Should I follow: The "Clear Drive Then Remove Drive" Method
  11. I love the ease of use with Unraid. For 2020 I don't have any big desires other than keep on being great!