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  1. Hi All. TLDR- Ive lose 2TB of data after a disk failure and parity rebuild even though i know parity was good only a few days prior to losing the disk. I want to try to understand what happened, and to see if the data can be recovered. Ive been a long time user, since version 4.3 at least. Love the product and so great to see it evolving into the beast it has become with docker support et al. However, I have myself a bit of a situation here, with phantom data loss of 1+ TB. ------- Background First some background. I had largish array (14TB) in
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I will can the plugin and try start the array again. The plugin was installed via the standard method in unraid 6 using the plugin manager, didn't realise there was a better way. I had a working setup with tranmission before upgrading to unraid 6. At this time, I looked for the transmission package to discover everyone was jumping ship to deluge. The array is old, I have been using unraid since version 3, and the array has expanded over many versions of unraid, so that explains the older file systems.. Is there a mechanism for upgrading them to the ne
  3. Hi sages, Most humbly appreciative for any support you might offer here. I lost power recently to my unraid, upon reboot I access the GUI and start array, but the array never starts, and the GUI hangs and becomes fully unresponsive. Tower still pings, and responds to SSH. Based on my independent research I suspect a corrupted filesystem on one of the disks. I immediately suspected the cache disk, because it has active processed running on it (deluge), and has a tendency to not bounce back as well from unclean shutdowns. Started in maintenance mode and ran a check using the inb
  4. Hi guys, Trying to troubleshoot something here and im a bit over my head trying to interpret the linux logs. I assume this is a bad drive, cable, or port, but I would greatly appreciate your input before I start juggling stuff around inside the case. The below errors are looping in my syslog. The array operates, and there are no red balls, just one drive flashes grey / green (not sure what this means) Apr 10 17:29:04 UNRAID kernel: ata2.01: failed command: READ DMA EXT Apr 10 17:29:04 UNRAID kernel: ata2.01: cmd 25/00:00:28:97:8b/00:04:b1:00:00/f0 tag 0 dma 524288 in Apr
  5. Heh, hi frank, thanks for your input. Working in IT support and consultancy makes fixing computer issues the last thing you want to do. My better judgement told me to replace the flash some time ago, and I acted upon this by backing the flash up quite regularly but I was under the impression that meant a new license purchase. It wasn't until I read on these forums that there was in fact possibility to transfer. I absolutely love the product, and have sold many unraid builds to my clients. It pleases me to hear that licenses are in fact transferable, this makes the product so much be
  6. Hey peeps, I have been using unraid for around 3 years without issue and have a Plus license. A while back my unraid wouldnt boot. Seemed to be some errors on the flash disk. I took the flash disk out and put in into a windows machine and run a check disk which reported that some errors were found. The unraid server however still wouldnt boot. So copied the data off the flash, formatted it, and copied the data back and everything started to work again. This has happened twice in the last 6 months, and today my flash file system reported an error saying that it was "read only". I
  7. Hey fellas, Long time unraider, first time poster. I have been using the tranmission torrent client that comes with unMenu without issue for some time, but theres one thing i just can't seem to get right! Seems no matter what i do in the .conf file the client wont obey they following commands 1. Torrent auto add or "watch" folder 2. Incomplete and Complete directory settings Anyone body who can give me any advice, greatly appreciated! I think this could have something to do with me not quite understanding the fact that the transmission.conf file exists in several loc