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  1. An update to those who might need it. I got it working by applying the reset around by disabling the gpu and it’s sound from device manager before reset and shutdowns. Doing this using devcon.exe See here https://forum.level1techs.com/t/linux-host-windows-guest-gpu-passthrough-reinitialization-fix/121097 My only issue is that I can’t automate it as described because the script has to run as administrator, otherwise it’s not working. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you for your response I can’t even boot the win installer with OVMF. I’m now q35 and SeaBIOS and win 10 build 1903. Will stubbing the gpu help? Or do the safe ejection of gpu before shutdown can help? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ok so I reinstalled the vm and win10 recognized the GPU and installed drivers. Now I’m getting the 127 header error upon restarting the vm... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi guys and girls! I had my setup running with FX-8300, m5a97 R2.0 and HD7770 for some time and I was enjoying it. I got a r9 380x and I can't get it to install drivers. the new one get me a black screen after reboot. the older once (17... and 16... versions) not detecting the GPU. without drivers its working with the basic adapter of win 10. The vm is set with SeaBIOS and i440.. any idea? thanks a lot
  5. Hey there... I have in my unraid a share called Downloads. The downloads folder in transmission was set to the root of the share. /mnt/user/downloads. In the transmission gui when I added a new torrent I saw that the capacity left for downloads is as remaining in the unraid "downloads" share. So far so good. The problem began when I changed the transmission downloads path to /mnt/user/downloads/downloaded. Now in the transmission gui I see that the remaining capacity is what left in the cache drive and not in the share itself. Weird... The difference is huge because I have a small cache drive. What are your thoughts? Thanks. Shimon.
  6. i'm pretty sure the unraid says 1000mb/s, my router is tp-link 1043nd and ps3. and even if i had 100mb/s ethernet it should work as my other wifi clients works good. with little digging around i have found that the culprit might be the ps3 plex app itself so i canceled my pass and using the dlna option instead thank you all for you support keep up the good work you all doing
  7. hi again... so i did what you suggested. when playing over the ps3 the plea management says the it's direct play and the ps3 keeps on buffering.. may i note that the network is a gigabit ethernet. and that i don't get a much of buffering on my mac and laptop which are both over wifi. who is this to blame? weak cpu? (not sure about that) ps3 not up for the task? thank you all
  8. thank you for your replies first, how can i tell if it's transcoding or direct streaming? the cpu usage is every thing between 50-98% second, i can't find the option of allowing ac3 play
  9. hi guys i have an unraid 6 server with and athlon 2 x3 445 with 4th core activated. 8 gigs of ram. the server is running plea, couch potato and transmission through docker. what i notice is that when i'm playing some 1080p movies on my ps3 or my mac-through safari i get a lot of buffering. is the cpu not up for the task? thank you!