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  1. Small update on the matter: The issue reappeared. To solve it, I created a new share and emulated the user access and decommissioned the old share. Finally, I have been problem free for two weeks now,
  2. To anyone who sees this looking for an answer: Through random order of rebooting both my computer and the server and being away from it all for a weekend, the problem has suddenly disappeared. While I wish I had a concrete answer to this behavior, I'm just happy that it works.
  3. Alright, after doing some testing and messing around here is where I am at. I forgot that uploaded files go to the cache drive *first* and then make it to the unraid disks with the mover, so that's where that confusion on file locations comes from. Now; When I copy a file from my MacBook to the share, I can read them on windows or other Macs and do whatever I want with them. It's when I add a file from windows that things get screwy. So, as usual, Windows is effing me over. Go figure :roll eyes:. It looks like I need to turn back around and try to figure out what AD did to my windows workstations that is causing such disfunction. And here I am all this time trying to blame unraid. I will be doing some google research on that, but if you have any input on where to look I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much for your help up to this point!
  4. Here's another new development. On my MacBook running the Catalina beta, I connected to my server via SMB, and added new files to the share, but on the unraid shell, when I LS the directory, the files do not appear.... (EDIT: /mnt/cache shows the files in the correct directory) (EDIT2: This brings up an interesting discovery too. The files that I added from my Mac are owned by my user account with the same type of permissions as the file from Windows. This more and more points to the SMB server in my opinion)
  5. So from what I can tell, the chmod command there made the file open to all users? In any case, that *did* allow User2 on Computer2 to access the file. So if I understand unraid permissions correctly, all files are supposed to be owned by "nobody" but the users that I allow read or r/w access through the gui are added to a user group for that share so that they can be manipulated? Does that line of thought make sense?
  6. That I am aware of, there should be nothing on W10 that I have changed other than mapping the share as a network drive in "This PC" and providing my unraid credentials. I should mention that before I unlinked my unraid box from my AD domain, everything worked as normal. I'm almost curious for kicks and giggles if I shouldn't rejoin it and just see what happens? I'd rather not have to go that route, as it turns out trying to manage a non-Windows server on AD is a major PITA.
  7. # file: mnt/user0/MWPBDocs/Logo/Computer BG.jpg # owner: adam # group: users user::rw- user:root:rwx #effective:rw- user:nobody:rwx #effective:rw- user:930611700:rwx #effective:rw- user:930612313:rwx #effective:rw- group::--- group:930611713:--- group:930612304:rwx #effective:rw- mask::rw- other::--- Here's the result of getfacl
  8. I believe this is what you are looking for. What sticks out to me right away is that all the other files are owned by "nobody" but the file in question, "Computer BG.jpg" is owned by "adam". root@MainServer:~# ls -al /mnt/user0/MWPBDocs/Logo total 1916 drwxrwxrwx+ 1 nobody users 81 Sep 12 02:05 ./ drwxrwxrwx+ 1 nobody users 273 Sep 8 19:04 ../ -rw-rw-rw-+ 1 nobody users 6148 Sep 8 19:14 .DS_Store -rw-rw----+ 1 adam users 1926881 Jun 2 22:29 Computer\ BG.jpg drwxrwxrwx+ 1 nobody users 23 Sep 8 19:05 Graphics/ drwxrwxrwx+ 1 nobody users 40 Sep 8 19:04 Publishable/
  9. I have a fair amount of command line experience. I’m no Linux guru, but I can get my way around. I have run the “Docker Safe New Permissions” plug-in. When I run either that one or the built-in unraid one, the files that User1 made that User2 couldn’t access can now be accessed by User2, but any new files still have the same issue
  10. Hello all! I have been using unRAID for around a week now, and up to today have been relatively trouble free. The scenario: There are two computers (Windows 10 Pro) and two users and one share. Both users have r/w access to the share. Computer 1 is logged in via SMB under User1's account. Computer 2 is logged in via SMB under User2's account. (EDIT: On the share itself, SMB is set to Export: Yes, Security: Private) The issue: If User1 makes a file on the share, User2 has no permissions to said file. No read, write, nothing. User2 makes another file on the share, User1 has no access to this file either. Leading up to the issue: I had unraid joined to an Active Directory domain but was having some issues getting user accounts to work properly, so I removed it from the domain, and then added it to a non-default SMB workgroup. That is to say, I changed SMB to "Yes (Workgroup)" and then changed the workgroup name. Both computers that are experiencing the issue are on the same work group. I have run the "New Permissions" tool immediately after unjoining the AD domain. Both machines will map the network drive no problem whatsoever. I had rebooted the server about 5 minutes before reading the item in the "Read this first" topic that says do not reboot the server. However, I recreated the issue and attached the syslog after recreating the issue to this topic. Any help is appreciated Thanks mainserver-diagnostics-20190912-0607.zip