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  1. It doesn't even complain about unsecure connection now. I've set up plex twice now. Server works for a while, so i add my media and can even access it from a client. i come back after awhile and never turn the server off. The server has disappeared from my network and can't even use the web gui when launched from unraid. No vpn, both are on ethernet. Any help?
  2. Plex was working in Unraid, then i deleted my old windows server from my list of servers. Now when i connect to the unraid server, it complains of insecure connections. I can't change network settings or even get into the server. I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled. I'm really confused and any help is appreciated. I removed my plex key intentionally in the photo just in case theres some unique identifier in it.
  3. I'm a complete noob at this. I run PIA on my windows machine. When downloading say an app like plex or a docker, how would i hide my traffic online?
  4. UDMA CRC error count 200 raw 1146. Should I not use this hard drive? I originally bought 4 seagate archive drives. 2 of which have crc errors and a third is dead after transferring files to it from one of the others with errors. Starting to not trust them, I was unable to move some jpegs i didnt care about off one of the drives to another with the crc errors. error count is 200, raw 1146 on one of the drives worries me. Ran pre-clear once and it passed. Running again.
  5. I'm probably keeping the power supply anyway as it's a seasonic 650w 80+ platinum. High efficiency should help with a server. My old Enermax was an 80+ silver and the cables were a bitch to work with cause they were so thick and only semi modular.
  6. Okay, i thought it was over, but no. I installed the new psu today. I got the error again now that i had everything installed. It ended up being a bad data sata cable running to one of my optical drives. I swear it worked fine in windows.
  7. Continuing with my post to keep photos seperate...... I googled the failed command fpdma queued error and after deep reading some forums i barely could understand about linux and Ubuntu, some guy had a long help thread which resulted in him replacing his power supply. I am currently using an enermax power supply i bought, then rma'ed that is as old as my i7 920 computer, my first build. I pulled out my power supply from my 6700k build, which was easy to leave hanging cause i have 2 sets of wires for this power supply since i have cablemod wires. I didn't plug in anything like drives, just the usb stick with my the wires to power the motherboard from my seasonic 760w psu. I got this far as in the photo and ordered another seasonic power supply immediately. Yeah its glitchy, but I'm in and it might be because of my ultrawide on the igp which is in turn supposed to be headless on unraid Hope this helps someone.
  8. Okay. Ive gotten a lot furthur. .... At first ive tried disabling everything in bios.... No go Been playing with it and messed with the igpu settings in bios, then booted to safe mode no gui and i still got the same error of "achi controller unavailable" but this time it had more errors than just one.
  9. I cant actually even get into unraid to do that. I just get the blue screen where i choose without or with a gui and the option for safe mode. Then i get this screen.... See attachment. Im a complete noob to this, first time trying to set it up after loading off of flash drive.
  10. I have an error of ACHI controller unavailable when trying to boot unraid. Im new to this. I replaced my old sata to pcie card from a marvel based one to the LSI 92118i after a bit of googling and took me all day to figure out how to flash it to IT mode. I'm still getting the same error, i disabled both onboard sata controllers as well as intel VTS-d. Ive never used unraid before but i run plex and have like 57 TB of storage. As much as i want to try unraid, this is not helping. I do have an old i7 920 and am x58 board if i have to use it. Think i might be able to install a 6 core xeon into it too. Running msi gd65 gaming mobo with a stock 4770k and 16gb of ram.