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  1. Apparently this problem solved itself.... Reporting restored - without a restart or any intervention from me.
  2. Hello, The Dashboard page of my install (6.7.2) is no longer reporting the CPU load for the system. All cores listed at 0%, and overall at 0%. No blips, nothing. Interestingly, the Dynamix Stats is reporting CPU load. Any ideas? I've not changed anything recently in this server, hardware-wise. Only addition in the past month was 2 VMs - 1 windows 10, and 1 ubuntu.
  3. Interesting... So I guess how much risk am I willing to take then? Thanks!
  4. I'm not worried about a backup of this data right now. Are you saying that I can create the array (or at least some of it) without doing the parity calculation first?
  5. Hello folks, New member, and I'm planning a migration from FlexRAID to unraid. I've got to do the one-disk-at-a-time method. My question is: Can i dump data on to an empty (formatted for unraid) drive, then add the newly emptied drive to unraid as the parity drive, run parity, and then include the swapped data drive in the array? Sorry if the wording is confusing. I'm trying to wrap my head around the order of operations for a one-disk-at-a-time migration. Thanks!