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  1. hey, just a little update - found the video you were talking about (thanks), but he uses a pcie2pci adapter, so as far as controlling the hardware, i think it is closer to pcie than to pci (in other words, i try to follow his steps but with no luck). i do appreciate you taking the time and try to help out. cheers
  2. that's sounds familiar man. i love spaeinvaderone's videos, but i looked over and couldn't find any that were dealing with pci. can u add a link plz if u come across it again? and on another note. what r u going to do with win95??? there must be better ways to play minesweeper or old school free-sell...
  3. hey guys not sure this is the right place for this thread, or if it was covered already (couldn't find anything that was not pci-e related). is it possible to pass-through a pci card? or due to the architecture of this old format it is not recommended? using latest version of unraid.