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  1. Ok, thanks a lot for your help. To the backups it is then...
  2. I tried a different cable and then removed them from my server completely and tried connecting it to my PC with a SATA to USB adapter: Not showing up anyhwere... Could they possibly died simulatinously? One of them is rather new. No idea what else I could try
  3. Thanks for looking into it, I will try new cables and report back.
  4. Hi, yesterday both cache disks disapperead and are now only shown as "Historical Devices" the cache setting does not say "missing". Here is what I have done before: Connected a new drive via case usb port Ran two preclear cycles Stopped the array; increased array slots by one and selected the new diskt Then the dropdown menu for the first of my two cache ssd's became blank and I could not select anything Unraid listed the disk as "Historcal Device"; fdisk -l did not show the disk anymore; I rebooted the server Now both cache drives are "Historical" and not selectable nor recognized by fdisk. I tried removing the newly added disk from the parity but it did not help What would be my next step? Could the motherboard have a limit on how many drives it can detect? Any pointers are appreciated. Here are some specs Unraid Version: Version: 6.8.3 MB: ASRock H110M-DVS R3.0; American Megatrends Inc., Version P1.20 CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 @ 3.5RAM: 2* 4GB Array: 1 Parity Disk; 6 Data Disks between 4 and 8 TB (including the new one) Cache: 2* 240GB San Disk SSD Plus Diagnostics: attached server02-diagnostics-20201228-0155-anonymized.zip
  5. I love having everything my server is doing and can do accessible from one single location with a nice gui. Being able to assign docker / vms different cpu disk and/or networktraffic priorities would be really really awesome to have one day...
  6. I plan on using it on 2 different Machines, my Server and Desktop PC. Is that possible or would I need to buy UnRaid twice?